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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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Maps & Technical Reports

Below are the current FEMA preliminary maps and available technical information.  FEMA's Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Preliminary Flood Insurance Study were issued 8/28/20 and will go through an official 90 day comment and appeal period in early 2021. 

Preliminary Flood Insurance Study (FIS)

FIS Volume 1
FIS Volume 2

30093C0140F 30093C0163F 30093C0280F 30093C0302F
30093C0120F 30093C0145F 30093C165F 30093C0285F 30093C0306F

Technical Reports

Hydrology Report- Pioneer Technical; August 2, 2018

Hydraulics Report-Pioneer Technical; May 17, 2019 

Points of Contact for the project:

Lori Casey
Butte- Silver Bow County

(406) 497-6255

Tiffany Lyden

(406) 444-0599

Nadene Wadsworth

(406) 444-6732