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Preliminary Maps & Technical Reports

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Below is the most current technical information available for the West Gallatin River and Bozeman Creek Mapping Re-studies. In 2016 FEMA produced Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps and a Preliminary Flood Insurance Study.  The maps and study information went through a lengthy review and a 90 day appeal period.  Below are the revised maps and study that will go into effect on 4/21/2021. 

Revised Flood Insurance Study (FIS) -  effective 4/21/21
Revised FIS: Volume 1    
Revised FIS: Volume 2     
Revised FIS: Volume 3    
Revised FIS: Volume 4     

Revised Flood Insurance Rate Maps  - effective 4/21/21
Index 1B
Index 2B
Index 3B 

0340E 0569E 0817E*
0345E 0586E 0818E
0555E 0588E* 0819E
0558E 0780E 0905E*
0559E 0790E* 0925E*
0560E 0808E 0931E*
0566E 0809E* 0932E
0567E 0816E*

* revised from 2016 Preliminary Map

Hydrologic Reports

Hydrologic Analysis: Bozeman Creek   Prepared by RESPEC (April 2014)
Hydrologic Analysis: Nash Spring   Prepared by RESPEC (March 2014)
Hydrologic Analysis: Flat Creek   Prepared by RESPEC (January 2014)
Hydrologic Analysis: Figgins Creek   Prepared by RESPEC (March 2014)
Hydrologic Analysis: Mathew-Bird Creek   Prepared by RESPEC (March 2014)
Hydrologic Analysis: Mill Ditch   Prepared by RESPEC (April 2014)
West Gallatin Hydrology Report   Prepared by Morrison-Maierle, Inc. (March 2015) 

Hydraulic Reports
Hydraulic Analysis Report: Bozeman Creek (all reaches)  Prepared by Michael Baker (Oct 2015)
West Gallatin Hydraulic Summary Report   Prepared by Morrison-Maierle, Inc. (Jan 2016) 


Technical data
Technical data for Bozeman Creek and its tributaries is available on the City of Bozeman's FTP site. Click here to download the file. Then decompress the file to view technical data including hydrologic analyses, flood profiles, floodway data tables, and HEC-RAS modeling files.

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Maps & Technical Reports
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