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Big Hole Floodplain Study Products

Updated 9/8/14

In 2011, a new floodplain mapping study for 116 miles of the Big Hole River was initiated by the DNRC, the Big Hole Watershed Committee, Beaverhead, Madison, Butte-Silver Bow, and Anaconda Deer-Lodge Counties, Future West, and Montana DEQ.

Draft maps and reports were produced in spring 2013. Public meetings were held in June 2013 in Wisdom, Divide, and Twin Bridges. Public comments were solicited and received. The DNRC reviewed all public comments and completed technical reviews of the reports and maps. Final study products based on public comments and technical reviews were produced in August 2014. On January 13, 2015, DNRC issued a Final Order to adopt the maps and reports. Floodplain maps and reports which have been adopted by the DNRC can be incorporated into local and county floodplain management regulations.

DNRC Final Order

More information – Big Hole Watershed Committee website with additional background and information.

Big Hole River Video – produced by Kestrel Aerial Services, Inc.

For full screen viewing, you may click on the lower right hand corner of the viewer.

Supplemental Study-Mapping Products

Big Hole River Floodplain Study Maps

Hydrology Report
Topographic Assessment Report
Hydraulic-Mapping Report
Floodplain Profiles - East
Floodplain Profiles - West

Floodplain Data Tables - East

Floodplain Data Tables - West

Topo Data Report

GIS Files, Hydraulic Model Files and other backup data products are available upon request to DNRC. Contact Tiffany Lyden, at (406) 444-0599 or via .


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