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Yellowstone Division, Yellowstone River Between Bighorn and Tongue River - Basin 42KJ

Temporary Preliminary Decree

DNRC Water Resources Adjudication Information
Montana Water Court

Choose FINDINGS if you want to view Water Court Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law.
Choose HB22 FEE CHANGE NOTICE for water right legislation passed to accelerate state wide water rights adjudication.
Choose NOTICE to view Notice of Entry of Temporary Preliminary Decree and Notice of Availability.
Choose NOTICE THAT OBJECTIONS HAVE BEEN FILED AND HEARINGS REQUESTED to view Water Court notice for the objections filed in the basin.
Choose OBJECTION FORM if you want to view Water Court form for filing objections.
Choose REQUEST FOR EXTENSION to view Water Court form for filing an extension to object.
Choose OBJECTION LIST to view objections to the decree.
Choose COUNTER OBJECTION FORM if you want to view Water Court form for filing counter objections.

To view DECREE INDEXES, choose below:
Choose SOURCE if you want to view listing by source.
Choose OWNER if you want to view listing by owner.
Choose POINT OF DIVERSION if you want to view listing by point of diversion.
Choose PRIORITY DATE if you want to view listing by priority date.
Choose WATER RIGHT NUMBER if you want to view listing by water right number.
Choose GRAY AREA if you want to view gray area remarks.
Choose ISSUE REMARKS if you want to view issue remark listing.

To view DECREE ABSTRACTS of water rights.
Part 1 — claim numbers 000038 - 019838
Part 2 — claim numbers 019839 - 038001
Part 3 — claim numbers 038002 - 080036
Part 4 — claim numbers 080037 - 121734
Part 5 — claim numbers 121735 - 173380
Part 6 — claim numbers 173389 - 176453
Part 7 — claim numbers 176454 - 177387
Part 8 — claim numbers 177388 - 184252
Part 9 — claim numbers 184253 - 216372

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