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Cabin/Home Site Sales

Cabin Site Cover Photo Chloe Katsilas

In 2014, the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation began the process of making cabin and home site lease lots available for sale at the request of the lessee, in accordance with Montana Code Annotated 77-2-317 through 318.  A Pilot Cabin/Home Site Sale Program was initiated to carry out this new sales concept.  Approximately 40 leased cabin/home sites are now sold annually, following a selection period which occurs every other year. 

Please email or call her at (406) 444-4289 for more information regarding these properties.

Click one of the links below for more information:

In process                   Recently Sold                    Auctions


DNRC is currently soliciting for the 2020-2021 Cabin/Home Site Sale Program in August and September 2019.  This opportunity is available to current lessees, as well as former lessees who own improvements on their former lease site.  If you would like your leased cabin/home site considered for this upcoming sale program, please click here for more information.