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The 2015 SYC Process

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The Sustainable Yield Calculation (SYC) is important for the future of Montana’s forested state trust lands.

To determine the SYC, DNRC undergoes an extensive process in order to use the best data available. Here you can find information on the process.


 How is the SYC done?

1. We collect, prepare, and compile data to provide a very detailed description of the land that is going into the model.

  • Provides a detailed classification for each acre
  • Forest (stand-level and tree-level)
  • Wildlife and water resources
  • Operability and other uses
  • GIS

2. Yield tables describe expected forest growth with and without management and the associated volume available for harvest over time.

3. An optimization model uses linear programming to apply constraints on management. It determines an optimal solution for the objective- to maximize annual harvest volume over a 200- year planning horizon.

 2015 Improved Data

The 2015 SYC included much better data that was taken from our own lands. This improved data gives us a better picture of our land base. This time, we relied heavily on data from our trust lands so it reflects actual conditions, growth rates, mortality, and effects of management. Previous calculations have relied on data from other sources.

DNRC Plot Data

DNRC collected plot data in 2014 directly from forested lands in the Northwestern, Southwestern, and Central land offices. Tree data was collected from over 5,300 plots in over 300 stands. We also conducted walkthroughs of several administrative units and updated our data for stand-level inventory, deferred stands, helicopter ground, and GIS layers for hydrology and roads.

SYC Timeline

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Sustainable Yield Information

Sustained Yield Calculation
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The 2015 SYC Process
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