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Announcements and Stay Informed

SYC Announ Picture.jpgStay updated on recent developments concerning the Sustainable Yield Calculation.

Recent Announcements

The SYC Final Report has been released.

You can find the document posted below along with frequently asked questions (FAQs). There is also an executive summary of the SYC avaliable.

Questions can be submitted to:

Mail: Attn: SYC


2705 Spurgin Road

Missoula, MT 59804

2015 SYC Final Report
2015 SYC Final Report (pdf)
Executive Summary
SYC FAQ (pdf)

2015 SYC Draft Report
2015 SYC Draft Report (pdf)
Executive Summary
SYC FAQ (pdf)


Past Sustainable Yield Calculations

Current ASY: 56.9 MMbf

Habitat Conservation Plan Final EIS

Note: This SYC is incorporated in the HCP document on several pages including 4-34 and 4-496

ASY: 57.6 MMbf



SYC Report 

ASY: 53.2 MMbf

 ASY=annual sustainable yield

Sustainable Yield Information

Sustained Yield Calculation
Public Participation
The 2015 SYC Process
Announcements and Information
SYC Documents

More SYC Information

Phone:  (406) 542-4300
Attn:  SYC
2705 Spurgin Road 
Missoula, MT  59804