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Environmental Documents

Limestone West Timber Sale Draft Record of Decision

The Montana DNRC Limestone West Timber Sale Environmental Impact Statement
Record of Decision has been made available as formal public notice of the at the link below.

Limestone West Timber Sale Record of Decision (pdf)

Limestone West Timber Sale Final Environmental Impact Statement

The Montana DNRC Limestone West Timber Sale FEIS is now available for public inspection.  The document includes two appendixes; 1) Appendix D contains DNRC responses to public comment, 2) Appendix E contains all public comment DNRC received during the public review period of the Draft EIS.   

Minor modifications were made to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement based upon public comment, additional information, and further review by DNRC.  In addition to in-text changes and revisions, three other additions were made to the FEIS: 1) a proposed decision and rationale for the decision is included on page 73 of the FEIS, 2) a cultural resources analysis has been included on page 282, 3) a draft copy of the conservation license for Alternative C has been included as Appendix C. 

A Draft Record of Decision, notifying the public of the selected alternative that will be recommended for land board approval will be published no sooner that 15 days from the release of this FEIS.   


Limestone West Timber Sale Draft Environmental Impact Statement 

The Montana DNRC Limestone West Timber Sale DEIS is available for your review. The DEIS was available for a 60-day public review period ending October 30, 2018.

Limestone West Timber Sale Draft Environmental Impact Statement (pdf)


Project Contact Information

Chuck Barone- Project Leader or (406) 556-4506


Craig Campbell- Unit Manager or (406) 556-4507

Mail to:

Chuck Barone

ATTN:  Limestone West

Proposed timber sale

Montana DNRC

2273 Boot Hill Court, Ste. 110

Bozeman, MT  59715

Project Timeline

Spring 2016

- Project scoping

Summer 2016

- Specialist field work

- Public meetings

August 8, 2016

- DNRC received request for
a timber conservation license


- Meetings with interested parties

- Analysis of public comments

- Alternative development

Winter 2018

- Draft EIS development

Summer/Fall 2018

- Public review period of Draft EIS

Fall/Winter 2018

- Final EIS and Decision