Forestry Division Contact

2705 Spurgin Road Missoula, MT 59804         Phone: 406-542-4300

View our staff directory below.

Staff Directory

Incident Business/Fire Finance Supervisor, Joanne Marceau 542-4252
Westside Fire Incident Business Specialist, Susan Dowler  751-2245
Eastside Fire Incident Business Specialist, Becky Shepard 538-7789
Fire Finance Specialist, Beth Leeming 542-4253
Fire Finance Specialist, Lindsey Greene 542-4230
Budget, Contracts and Grants Supervisor, Marci Anderson 542-4305
Grants and Agreements Specialist, Lorie Palm 542-4205
Grants Support Technician, Janis Fontaine  542-4214
Grants Support Technician, Kyrsten Martin 542-4238
HRA Account Specialist, Kate Kronen 542-4335
Business Operations Supervisor, Deana Carlson 542-4308
Administrative Support, Cori Gray 542-4316
Building and Maintenance Supervisor, Ken Gragg 542-4320
Custodian, Jane Cardinalli 542-4320
MT Forest Action Plan Project Manager, Wyatt Frampton 542-4355
MT Forest Action Plan Program Manager, Vacant 542-4251
Forestry Division Communications Coordinator, Anna Lau 542-4204
Fire Protection Bureau Chief, Matt Hall 542-4304
Deputy Fire Protection Bureau Chief, vacant 542-4220
County Coop Fire Program Manager, Cory Calnan 788-7718
RFC Program Manager, Rhea Blankenship 542-4267
NRCC Fire Coordinator, Roy Robinson 329-4881
NRCC Dispatcher, Cade Bragonier 329-4996
Fire Program Specialist, Linda Robinson 542-4250
Fire Planning and Intelligence Program Management, Don Copple  865-0056
FPA & Planning Specialist, Kate Tran 542-4333
Training, Safety, Workforce Development Program Manager, David Hamilton 542-4255
West Side Safety & Training Specialist, Dylan Dickinson 542-4247
East Side Safety & Training Specialist, Heath Gerber 247-4454
Fire Adapted Communities Specialist, Henry DeLuca 542-4223
Prevention and Community Preparedness Program Manager, Julia Berkey 542-4221
Forestry Assistance Bureau Chief, Matt Arno 542-4239
Forestry Assistance Support Technician, Alexis Armstrong 542-4207
Stewardship Program Manager, Erik Warrington  542-4303
Stewardship Initiative Coordinator, Ashley Juran 542-4280
Stewardship Outreach Specialist, Ashley Machus 542-4246
Urban Forestry Program Manager, Jamie Kirby 542-4288
UCF Program Specialist, Vacant 542-4246
Local Government Forest Adviser, Steve Kimball 542-4235
Forest Pest Management Program Manager, Amy Gannon 542-4283
Forest Pathologist, Vacant 542-4330
Forest Practices Program Manager, Marc Vessar 381-6736
Wood Innovations/Nursery Program Manager, Vacant 542-4210
Nursery Supervisor, Michael Butts 542-5522
Nursery Mechanic, Chris Trethewey 542-4270
Nursery Operations Specialist, Ashley Mattson 542-4244
GNA Bureau Chief, Greg Archie 542-4256
GNA Program Specialist, Neil Simpson 542-4371
GNA Forest Product Sales Specialist, Chloe Danison-Fieldhouse 542-4279