Flood Insurance

Flooding and Flood Risks – The Cost of Flooding – this interactive tool estimates the cost of flood damage to a home.

Floodsmart   Are you Floodsmart
National Flood
Insurance Program
  Grandfather Rules
  Built-in Compliance Certification
    What is Covered by Flood Insurance
    FAQ About Insurance
    Flood Insurance: How it Works Fact Sheet
    How to Get Flood Insurance
    FEMA Community Status Book
    Cheaper Flood Insurance
CRS Flood Insurance
Discount Program
  CRS Resource Center
  CRS Newsletter
  CRS Samples and Information
    CRS Fact Sheet
    Credits for Montana Communities
NFIP Reform
  NFIP Reform: FEMA Link
  BW-12 Quick Reference Guide
  Biggert-Waters Reform Act of 2012
    Impact of Changes to NFIP (March 2013)
Flood Insurance
  Claims Handbook
  Information on Claims from the Flood Insurance Manual
  Four Steps to Appeal Your Flood Insurance Claim
    Fact Sheet on Appealing Your Flood Insurance Claim
Flood Insurance
Affordability Act
of 2014 (HFIAA)
  FEMA Link to HFIAA
  FEMA HFIAA Fact Sheet 061114
  HFIAA Refund Fact Sheet
  FEMA's HFIAA and Businesses Fact Sheet

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