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The Dam Safety Program regulates the construction, operation and maintenance of Montana's dams to protect life and property from damages due to failure. The dam safety program also provides training and outreach to dam owners and engineers and assists with emergency preparedness activities.

 Is Your Dam Above Homes, Highways, or Other Structures?

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Cool Tools

Western Dam Engineering Technical Notes
Vol. 1 Issue 1 – Siphons, Filter Design Outlet Pipe Rehabilitation
Vol. 1 Issue 2 – Wave Runup, Rip Rap Design and Outlet Pipe Venting
Vol. 1 Issue 3 – Slope Stability, Estimating Precipitation and Earthwork Specifications
Vol.2 Issue 1 – Subsurface Investigations, Developing Inflow Design Hydrographs and "Team Effort" Specifications
Vol. 2 Issue 2 – Soil Characterization, Conduit Repairs and Specification Tips
Vol. 2 Issue 3 – Soil Characterization with Lab Testing, Reservoir Drawdown, Overtopping Failure Lessons Learned

Manual on Corrugated Metal Pipe in Dams for Montana Dam Owners: Problem identification and Evaluation, Inspection, Rehabilitation, Repair and Replacement

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