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Wildfire risk reduction work continues in the Pines Recreation Area

Crews working on Fort Peck Pines ProjectWildfire PreparednessValley County, MT – For a second year, several local, state, and federal firefighters are being dispatched with chainsaws, mowers, and wood chippers to remove the overabundance of vegetation in the Fort Peck Pines Recreation area south of Glasgow, MT.

The increased fire danger due to hot and dry conditions is keeping fire managers on heightened alert. Crews and engines are being pre-positioned in areas of high concern to assist if a wildfire does ignite. And while crews are in the area, they are taking full advantage helping their community reduce their risk to wildfires. Not only will this assist the public, it also makes a safer area for the m to work when a wildfire does occur.

“We want the public to know that we are not just sitting around, waiting for the next fire,” said Heath Gerber with MT Dept. of Natural Resources and Conservation. “Our interagency crews are completing critical risk reduction work in the Pines to lessen the impact of future wildfires, while still keeping our firefighters available to appropriately respond to new wildfire starts in the area.”

During this hazardous fuel mitigation effort, crews assess homes and discuss the best vegetation treatments options with homeowners. They also discuss the Ready, Set, Go principles. One, be READY prior to wildfire season. Two, be SET, have situational awareness during fire season; and three, GO, do not wait to be told to evacuate, leave early.

This project began in 2015 with extensive planning and coordination amongst local, state and federal agencies. In June of 2016, 20 interagency firefighters worked in the Pines Recreation Area for nearly a week.

This collaborative effort is spearheaded by Montana Department of Natural Resource and Conservation fire managers as well as Bureau of Land Management, Long Run Fire Department, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

For more information and to learn how to get involved contact Bob Hanson at (406) 263-8625.

Crews working on Fort Peck Pines Project