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Take the stream gage user survey

Do you check stream gage data in Montana prior to floating, for flooding information, or for other reasons? DNRC has worked with watershed groups and other stakeholders to create the Stream Gage Data Users Survey. The survey was designed to get a better sense of who is using gage data, how they are accessing it, and what they use the information for.

Montana is home to 264 stream gages funded and maintained by state, federal and local governments; companies, and nonprofits. Each funding organization has its own goals and needs for the gage data. The data for most of the gages is publicly available through apps and websites. We know that gage data sites are being visited much more over the last 5 years, but we don’t know who is using the data and for what reasons.

If you use stream gage data either for work or personal reasons, you are invited to complete a brief survey at .  It is only 15 questions and takes about 4 minutes to complete. The results will be shared with multiple working groups to enhance understanding of who uses stream gage data and for which purposes.

Thank you for participating.