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Stream Permitting in Montana2012 Version of Stream Permitting in Montana Booklet

Permitting Tips

Permitting Tips

How to use A Guide to Stream Permitting in Montana

Montana Stream Permitting Book


Guide to Required Permits
Steambedding Guide

Using the diagram above, determine where your project will take place: streambed, streambanks, wetlands, or floodplain. The letters in the diagram refer to the required permits listed below (A through L) and described on the following pages. Permits that may be necessary:

Permitting Tips

A. Montana Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act (310)

B. Montana Stream Protection Act (SPA 124 Permit)

C. City or County Floodplain Development Permit

D. Federal Clean Water Act (404 Permit)

E. Federal Rivers and Harbors Act (Section 10 Permit)

F. Short-Term Water Quality Standard for Turbidity (318 Authorization)

G. Montana Land-Use License or Easement on Navigable Waters

H. Montana Water Use Act (Water Right Permit and Change Authorization)

I. Montana Water Use Act (Water Reservations)

J. Stormwatcher Discharge General Permits

K. Streamside Management Zone Law

L. Other Laws that May Apply

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