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State reps named for CSKT Compact teams

HELENA, Mont. –  After becoming state law on April 24, 2015, the first steps toward implementation of the water rights compact between the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, the State of Montana and the United States are under way.

Upon ratification of the agreement by the Montana Legislature and signature by the Governor, the parties are required to establish a Compact Implementation Technical Team (CITT) and a Compact Management Committee (CMC).  The CITT is tasked with advising the operator of the Flathead Indian Irrigation Project on the implementation of operational improvements, rehabilitation and betterment of Project facilities and on adaptive management as called for in the Compact. The CMC will provide policy and administrative oversight of the technical team.  DNRC Director John Tubbs will serve as the state of Montana’s CMC team member, while Ethan Mace, a DNRC surface water hydrologist, will serve as the State’s representative on the CITT.  

In addition to the CITT members appointed by the parties to the Compact, the CSKT Compact also provides for a fourth seat for the Flathead Indian Irrigation Project Operator, and also the option of a fifth seat that may be filled by a representative selected by all irrigators served by the Project, should the irrigators appoint a representative.

Arne Wick, with DNRC’s Compact Implementation Section, said he anticipates the first CITT meeting will take place this fall. CITT meetings will be open to the public.  More information concerning the time and place of the initial CITT meeting will be provided to the public through media outlets or agency or organization web pages.