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Register now for the 2019 Montana Youth Range Camp

The Montana Youth Range Camp is a four-day program for youth ages 11-17. Camp dates are June 25-28, 2019; this year's camp will be held at the Hyalite Youth Camp, located next to the Hyalite Reservoir south of Bozeman, Mont.

Range Camp offers an excellent opportunity for youth of varying backgrounds to become better acquainted with the value and potential of Montana's largest resource -- rangeland.

A well-organized educational range program is provided by bringing together knowledgeable range personnel and interested participants in a field workshop environment. Learn about …

Plant Identification/Anatomy: Learn about 25 of Montana’s important range plants. Identify plants by vegetative class, lifespan, origin, season of growth and grazing response. Study basic plant anatomy.

Range Inventory, Planning and Monitoring: Identify plants and plant communities in different rangeland environments. Learn to take photo points of how plant communities change over time. Learn to identify indicators of healthy rangelands. Discover how livestock and wildlife interact with plants to keep rangelands healthy.

Grazing Management, Wildlife and Livestock: Learn about the types of wildlife in Montana, the interaction between wildlife and domestic livestock, animal habitat, range health and grazing management options.


Riparian/Water: Learn about stream dynamics, aquatic insects, watershed management and how it relates to the land.


Geology/Soils: Learn about basic rocks and minerals, soil formation, how soils relate to rangeland, dig soil pits, determine soil texture and learn why soils are so important!


Activities, Contests and Awards … Opportunity to enjoy fun around the campfire and recreational activities!


Top Hand Award: Awarded to the experienced Youth Range Camp camper with the highest total score on individual quizzes.


Green Hand Award: Awarded to the novice Youth Range Camp camper with the highest total score on individual quizzes.


Prizes: 2019 Montana Youth Range Camp Top Hand and Green Hand buckles.


Registration Information: The cost of the camp is $250.00 which includes meals from Tuesday mid-day snack through Friday breakfast, lodging, T-shirt, study materials, and all scheduled activities. You will need to provide your own transportation to and from the camp. Registration deadline: June 11, 2019. Check with your local conservation district regarding possible sponsorships.

For details, contact the Gallatin Conservation District at (406) 282-4350, or contact Stacey Barta, Rangeland Resources Program Specialist, at (406) 444-6619.