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Oral history project workshop Aug. 26

HELENA, Mont. – A day-long workshop aimed at recruiting and training participants in a statewide oral history project is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2015, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Yogo Inn of Lewistown.

Now in its fourth year, From The Ground Up: Montana Women and Agriculture has recorded the biographies and stories of more than 45 Montana women in 24 towns, says Linda Brander, a Resource Specialist with the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation who got the program up and running.

“The goal of From The Ground Up is to honor Montana women and their wide range of contributions to farming, ranching and conservation,” Brander said. “We’ve captured some incredible stories so far, and we want to inspire people in the Lewistown area to identify women with important stories to share, then go out there and conduct a formal oral history interview.”

The workshop will focus on techniques and guidelines for conducting a successful interview, Brander said. Speakers include staff from the Montana Historical Society, along with two women who have led successful oral history projects in the towns of Cut Bank and Townsend.

“You’ll learn the art and technique of engaging someone in a personal interview about their life by using the ‘five Rs’ – Research, Rapport, Restraint, Retreat and Review,” Brander said.

The workshop will also host two local ranch women as guest speakers over lunch hour. Connie Ahlgren of Lewistown and Betty Hedstrom of Raynesford will share stories of their lives on the land.

The workshop is sponsored by the Montana DNRC, the Fergus and Judith Basin conservation districts and the Montana Historical Society. To register and see an agenda, visit the DNRC Web site at

For more details, contact Linda Brander with Montana DNRC at (406) 444-0520 or