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2013 Contracts & Contractor Info


Sack Lunches

arrow    2013 Sack Lunch Vendor List (pdf) Updated 8/15/2013

2013 Sack Lunch Bid Solicitation (pdf)      Addendum (pdf)


Portable Toilets & Handwash Stations

arrow    2013 Vendor Resource List (pdf)

arrow    2013 EERA's for Vendors (pdf)

2013 Portable Toilets/Handwash Stations Bid Solicitation     Addendum (pdf)


Rental Vehicles

arrow    2013 Vehicle Rental List (pdf)

arrow    2013 EERA's for Vendors (pdf)

arrow    2013 Rental Vehicle Inventory and Tracker Form

arrow    2013 Vehicle Release Form

2013 Rental Vehicle Bid Solicitations (pdf)       Addendum (pdf)


CWN Helicopters

arrow   2013 CWN Helicopter List (pdf)     

arrow   2013 Price Agreements for Vendors (pdf)

2013 Helicopter Solicitation (pdf) Addendum 1 (pdf) Addendum 2 (pdf)


Helicopter Trailers

arrow   2013 Helicopter Operations Trailer List (pdf)     

arrow  2013 EERA's for Vendors (pdf)

2013 Helicopter Support Trailer Solicitation (pdf)  Addendum 1



General Clauses (pdf)

Mandatory EERA Attchments for Federal Fires (pdf)

D 29. Wage Determination (pdf)


2012 Contract Listing


2013 Bulletin Board - Informational Update

Contracting Timeline (pdf)

Bullet   All vendors should register at our State of Montana OneStop Vendor Information website.

Bullet   Once you have registered on this site, you will be notified when solicitations are posted.

Bullet   Vendors will not receive any additional notification from DNRC.  It is the vendor's responsibility to research and stay informed of the process. 

Bullet   If we have your email address, we will send an email notifying you of the posting.  Send email addresses to DNRCFireContracting

Bullet   Solicitations will be posted on the OneStop website.

Bullet   All vendor documents are posted on the OneStop website


Bullet Also included in your solicitation is a W-9 that is to be completed and returned to the MISSOULA address listed on the form, not the IRS or the Helena office. 

Bullet Completing this paperwork when submitting your solicitation will hopefully decrease the payment processing timeline.



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