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Using Methylcyclohexanone (MCH) to Manage Douglas-fir Beetle

Douglas-fir beetles use various pheromones, somewhat like chemical “scents,” to communicate with each to attract mates, recruit other beetles to mass-attack a tree, or to convey a “no vacancy” message when trees have reached maximum capacity. Researchers and manufacturers have successfully manipulated the anti-aggregation chemical, methylcyclohexanone (MCH), that acts as naturally occurring beetle repellant and can be used to treat small-scale acreages prone to Douglas-fir beetle activity. The chemical is contained in plastic slow-release capsules that are stapled to trees and ward off potential Douglas-fir beetle attacks. As of November 2007, there are two companies distributing MCH capsules to the United States:

Phero Tech, Inc. Synergy Semiochemical Corp.
7572 Progress Way Box 50008, South Slope RPO
Delta, B. C. Canada V4G 1E9 Burnaby, B. C. Canada V5J 5G3
Phone: 604-940-9944 Phone: 604-522-1121

Please note: MCH works ONLY against Douglas-fir beetle and spruce beetle. It is critical to follow the instructions exactly as outlined on the label. Your local service forester can answer questions about proper application or you can contact the Forest Pest Management Program at (406)542-4283.

Using MCH Bubble Capsules


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