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Water Right Ownership Updates

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New system for updating water right ownership records will bring changes when real estate changes hands. Effective July 1, 2008.

House Bill 39 Press Release

House Bill 39 Requirements

Water Right Ownership Update Forms

  • Department of Revenue Realty Transfer Certificate Form
  • Form No. 641, for a water right that will be divided. (Filing fee $50.00)
    Form No. 642, for a water right that has been exempted (reserved) from a land sale where the seller chose to retain ownership of the water right or for a water right that has been severed from the land without a land sale. Ownership of the water right must be expressly addressed in a deed or other recorded document. (Filing fee $50.00)

Filing Fee Information

  • Form 608 - Water Right Ownership Update ($50.00 for the first water right plus $10.00 for each additional water right updated, not to exceed a maximum of $300.00).