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DNRC Headquarters
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Hearing Orders




30110538-41I Centennial Livestock Inc.
30110489-41I Blue Box Ranch LLC
30109425-76K Pogge, David L Revocable Trust; Pogge, Sandra L Revocable Trust
30116484-43Q Byxbe, William and Lauris
30105384-40A Debuff
30110660-41H Utility Solutions LLC
30111184-41K Broken O Land & Livestock LLC
30106785-76G Clark Fork Coalition
30068837-76N RC Resources Inc.
30102978-76LJ Montana Artesian Water Company

30103036-41S Bos Terra LP
30066200-41H Budd, James P. and Sarah A.
30010650-76LJ Thomas, Karen and Tom
30071039-76D Indian Springs Ranch Water & Sewer LLC
30072589-42J  Ellis, Gerald & Mary
30066181-40S  Atlantis Water Solutions LLC
30065911-40S Ames/Panasuk
30064354-42J; 30065027-42J Clarys Ranch
30064191-42M Thiel
30051168-41QJ Chevallier
30050020-41I Eastgate Water and Sewer Association
30049563-41O Teton Prairie
30049120-41K Power-Teton County Water and Sewer
30048536-43Q Peila Land Company
30046211-76H Skergan - Helmer
30045713-41K Konen
30045578-76D GBCI Other Real Estate
30043385-41K Lee
30043132-76H, 30043133-76H Town of Stevensville
30042357-76H Kuney - Hendrickson
30042035-40A - 30042037-40A American Fork Ranch 
30029998-76H DNRC Montana Water Trust
30029944-41H, 30029946-41H Maus 
30028985-76F Talan, Inc.
30028713-76H Skergan - Helmer
30028374-41B, 30028375-41B Sitz Ranch Management Partnership 
30028036-76M Christian
30026983-76LJ Billmayer
30026290-76H Wesmont Developers Inc. 
30026245-41H Utility Solutions
30026244-41H Utility Solutions
30026071-40B Negaard
30025802-41L City of Cut Bank
30025398-41H Bostwick
30025168-41S Maxwell
30025038-76D Marl Lake Inc.
30024588-76L Bailey
30023457-41H Utility Solutions
30022398-41K Hadley
30022395-41I Green Meadow CGWA
30021840-41H Manhattan
30021139-41H UtilitySolutions
30019215-41H Utility Solutions
30018777-41H Rall
30017203-40H IX Ranch
30015063-76LJ Smith Valley CGWA
30014080-41H Utility Solutions
30013940-41S T Lazy T Ranch Inc.
30013407-41QJ Hohenlohe
30013196-41H, 30013197-41H Simpson
30012925-76GJ Granite County
30012871-76H Evans
30012025-41H;  30013629-41H Utility Solutions
30011611-43BV Vermillion Ranch LTD 
30010753-76G Perkins
30010429-76N Thompson River Lumber Co.
30010365-41K Neal
30009957-76D Kaechele
30009407-76H North Corporation
30009280-40A Romain
30008762-76LJ Nardi
30008110-76D Lapi
30007297-43C Deaterly
30005957-76H Mack
30005803-41S Leininger
30005660-40M Taylor
30005215-43D Pilati, Paul
30005100-40A Berg 
30005041-76H Pinesdale, Town of
30004625-41S French 
30004451-41H Cowett
30004089-43A Lannen
30004087-43A Lannen
30002710-43B USA Dept of Agriculture-Forest Service
30002512-41I Brewer Land Co. 
30002459-41D;  30002460-41D Bighole-MDT
30002264-43D Schwend
30001641-43D Pilati, Julius
30001540-43B Brockway
30001476-41P Sill
30001469-41H Cook-Lehrkind
30001166-76N Mowery



Older Hearing Orders:

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2816-40G Bond
2815-40G Bond
2789-76M Hoerner Waldorf Corporation
2733-41Q Smerker
2680-40G Jensen
2679-40G Jensen
2632-41F McDonnell
2591-41S Beldens
2571-40R Pedersen
2567-40J Hinebauch
2522-40G Gunderson
2518-40G Johnson
2517-40G Johnson
2490-41K Neuman Ranch Company
2489-41S Fowler
2482-41S Hannah
2457-43A Papez
2427-41S McReynolds
2418-41K Semenza Muri
2417-41QJ Ferguson
2364-40G Johnson
2356500-41H Kelly
2343-42J Mobley
2302-40J Van Voast
2299-42K Hardesty
2272-41O Anderson
2269-41S Fowler
2263-40P Lemieux
2248-41I Kimpton Ranch Company
2220-76LJ Nielsen
2193-39E Strangford
2176-41S Colver
2134-41I Moholt
211081-76LJ Rasmussen
210737-40C Klemo
2105-76LJ King
2079-40R Matter
207775-40J Bureau of Land Mgmt
2051-40R Haugen
2050-40R Haugen
2049-40R Haugen
2029-41S McKinlay
2028-41S McKinlay
2014-40R Nelson
2012-41S Dover
199792-41M Kingsbury Ditch Co
1978-40H Brost
1957-41N Hofer Brothers
195513-41G Ohs
194810-43B Dodson
194315-02-41D Rock Chuck Ranch
194309-41D Smith
1940-41I Treasure State Acres Inc
193916-41C Three Creeks Ranch of Wyoming
193768-43B City of Livingston
192529-40A Wright Ranch Inc
1905-76LJ Montana Agricultural
190495-41A U S Fish and Wildlife Service
1879-40P Klasna
1828-40J Windels
1827-40J Windels
1826-40J Windels
1825-40A Armstrong
1821-76M Little Beavercreek Ranches Inc
157350-76H Miller
155815-43A Knutson
151753-76H Worf
151753-01-76H Worf
151192-76H Howard
150892-76H Howard
150741-41H Tietz
150741-41H Bell and Goldsmith
146094-41J Galt
143072-41I Smelko
142365-76L Cross
139989-40A Carless Creek Ranch
139988-40A Carless Creek Ranch
139972-41Q Ben Lund Farms Inc
138943-41H Kimm
138008 Kunneman
136331-41O DeBruycker
136330-41O DeBruycker
136329-41O DeBruycker
129039-76D Krueger
128984-76D Meadow Creek Golf Course
128519-76H Thoft
125497-41H Woods
123885-76H Trulock
122539-43B Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks
1223599-41H MGRR #1 LLC
120403-41H Estate of Ryen
120401-41H Estate of Ryen
119067-41S Snapp
118495-76M Stone Container Corp
118417-76H Bargfrede
116959-76LJ Wilkins
115831-76LJ Weidling
115830-76LJ Nessly
115331-43C Eberhart
114754-43D Thayer
114281-40J Gordon Cattle Company
114066-76LJ Wilkins
113493-41N Eagle Creek Colony
113399-41C Three Creeks Ranch of Wyoming 
113219-99-41S French
112876-76M Savik
112260-41K Poulsen
112035-43C Crow Chief Meadows Inc
111807-41B Taylor
111806-41B Taylor
111746-41I Mineral Rights LLC
111525-41QJ Durocher
111421-43D Palisades Ranch
1113302-40J BLM
111303-40M BLM
111165-76H Worf
111165-01-76H Worf
111151-76H Takle
110835-76N Holland
110821-76GJ Peterson-MDOT
110476-76H Christley
110197-41Q Barber
109903-43QJ Nash
109371-76L Lang
108990-41F Mayne
108497-40A Matheson
107597-41F Beardsley
107356-40A Hensel Land Partnership
107167-43Q The Briarwood
106676-76G Mohl
106673-41U Kellogg
106454-76H Seibel
106452-76H Seibel
106451-76H Seibel
106450-76H Seibel
106060-43C Wahl
106059-43C Wahl
105850-41Q Gerhart
105823-41S French
105759-41P Sunnybrook Colony
105511-41I Flying J Inc
104945-42C Empire Sand and Gravel Co Inc
104667-41H Woods
104572-41S Knerr
104069-76D Parks
103855-76H McElfish
103849-76M Baitis
103601-42C Empire Sand and Gravel Co Inc
103576-42C Empire Sand and Gravel Co Inc
10220900-43D McDowell
101967-41S Royston
101960-41S Royston
100868-76H Hamilton
100285-41I Sharp
100284-41I Sharp
100251-41I Day Spring Land Company
099791-76LJ City of Polson
099722-76H Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks
099591-76M Brookside
098917-41I Williams
098469-76H Taylor
098096-76H Hughes
097905-41H Thompson
097326-76G Wilder
096362-42K Krueger
096235-76GJ Magellan
096018-76H Hayes Creek Basin CGWA
095828-76D Foss
095584-41I Hoovestal
093752-41F Guyette
093438-76F Oswalt
093433-76H Martin
092815-41I M and W Enterprises
092178-76K Binley and Gleason
092024-40C Nelson
091828-43Q Ratliff
091277-76H Wallace
090476-76M Missoula County RSID 8458
090192-76D Fisher
089459-76H Schrader
089309-76LJ Courtney
088962-41H Schweitzer
088756-76G Janney
088504-76F Dietz
088365-76H Bitterroot Native Growers Inc
087074-76H Justice and Pope
086867-40J Shelstad
086859-40J Bureau of Land Management
086507-41C Richards
086325-43P Blalack
085184-76F Wills Cattle Co and McLean
085129-76M Miller
084577-76H Stellick
084560-76H Bemis
083761-76L McMaster
083286-41H Fehsenfeld
082374-76L Distefano
082173-76M Simmons
081855-41H Martin and Ewing
081705-76F Hanson
081523-76LJ McAlpin
081412-76H Stucker
081391-76H Schields
080964-76H Nelson
080959-76H O Bryan
080761-40A Pitsch
080600-42M Wyrick
080590 Blackborn and Theodor
080175-76H Tintzman
080154-76H Kostick
080130-76H Peirce
079625-76F Harris
079387-76LJ Polson Ready Mix
079178-43B Valgamore
079155-43Q Hirst
078964-76H Bemis
078941-76H Bemis
078884-76H Sund
078511-41QJ Schwartzenberger
078425-76H Locatelli
078402-76M Department of Education
078300-41I Hanson
077814-76H O Bryan
077547-41I Diehl
077494-42M Kreiman
077335-40A Pitsch
077304-40B Roberts
077283-76H Stellick
077204-76H Baldwin
077118-43Q Brandt
076760-76H Town of Stevensville
076714-76M Peterson
076698-76H Koeppen
076692-76H Takle
076691-76H Takle
076161-76G Janney
076070-76H Takle
076041-76H Trulock
075997-76L Carr
075737-76H Finlayson
075685-76H Gray
075396-76LJ Beitl
075309-41I City of Helena
075239-76M Johnston
075070-76L Leatzow
074310-76H, 074311-76H Pinesdale
074310-76H and 074311-76H City of Pinesdale
074154-41B Johnson
074002-76LJ Meadow Lake Dev. Corp.
073904-76M King
073729-43B City of Livingston
073697-43B City of Livingston
073505-43D Deshaw
073404-76M Murray
073396-76H Trulock
072842-76H Takle
072797-76M Wingfield and Gauthier
072662-76G Fee and Carlson
072498-76L Cross
072455-76G Anaconda/Deer Lodge City-County
072455-76G Anaconda/Deer Lodge City-County
072443-41A Heppenheimer
072443-41A Heppenheimer
072399-41D Bureau of Land Mgmt.
072399-41D Bureau of Land Mgmt.
071967-41B Stewart
071966-41I Forestvale Cemetery Assoc
071925-41B Johnson
071680-40J Gordon Cattle Co
071324-76M Deschamps
071133-41B Hildreth
071015-76LJ Meadow Lake County Water and Sewer
070919-41H Van Dyke
070817-43Q Aseltine
070584-41B Petersen Livestock
070577-41I City of East Helena
070576-41I City of East Helena
070511-76LJ Winter Sports Inc
070454-76M Simons
070420-76M Jensen
070402-76H Galbraith
070389-76F Carter
070369-76H Wolf
070272-76H Debrestian
070209-42M Finley
069739-76L McDonald
069717-76D Wilson
069659-76H City of Pinesdale
069638-76H City of Pinesdale
069520-43D Wattnem
069141-76G Silver Eagel Mining Co
068717-76D Truman
068695-76G Fee and Carlson
068514-41M Durocher
068427-76H Wiediger
068191-40A Vescovi Polled Herefords
068174-41S Blair
068173-41S Blair
068033-76G Hollenback
067956-41I Thomas Cruse Mining and Dev Co
067795-76D Zarnowski
067646-76H Cannon
067611-76H Carlson
067324-76D Keim and Krueger
067217-43B Burns
066459-76L Ciotti
066271-40R Smith Farms
065936-76G Fairmont Hot Springs
065887-76K Ligon
065779-76M Sowers
065739-76H Greathouse
065713-76N Fagan
065689-76LJ Worth
065203-41I Lasalle
065187-76F Manley Ranches
065175-76G Johnson
065091-76LJ Wyman
064988-76LJ Starner
064965-76LJ Gray
064912-41J Schnee-Waggoner-Bandy Associates
064800-40B Bureau of Land Management
064602-76L Chadwick
064600-76H Evans
064545-76H McBride
064464-43E Casagrande
064463-43F Hoven
063997-42M Crisafulli
063865-43B Gardiner-Park County Water District
063796-41G Ohs
063575-76H Dakolios
063574-76LJ Flemings
063456-41I Bruce
063402-76G Janney
060662-76G Hadley
060567-76G Perkins
060551-76G Fairmont Hot Springs
060194-76LJ Cobler
060155-76LJ Reisch
060117-76L Houston
060074-76L Moss
060073-76L Moss
060049-76H Ulm
059786-41H Van Dyke
059179-41D Golden Star Mining Inc
058432-43A Frederick
058371-41H Bridger Village Dev Corp
058360-41H Paugh
058320-41F Town of West Yellowstone
058294-41H Dept of Natural Resources
058294-41H Dept of Natural Resources
058133-41O Debruycker
057870 76M Zemliska
057517-76L Twite
057448-40R Sheridan County City of Plentywood
057108-41H Kelsey Vallee Ranch
057048-41I Taylor
057025-41I Eastgate Waterusers Assoc
056962-41QJ Hedges
056793-76GJ Kolbeck Ranches Inc
056782-76H Cutler
056738-76M Brookside Estates Inc
056386-76LJ Lloyd
056173-43D Shesne
056031-41S Blair
055955-41QJ Bush
055943-41S Hilltop Angus Ranch
055889-41QJ Tanberg
055880-40A Debuff
055834-76LJ Lloyd
055749-76LJ Meadow Lake Country Club Estates
055390-76H Grayson
055362-76H Kenney
055348-76M Brookside Estates Inc
055150-41H Hanna
055084-41H Walker
055055-41H Big Sky of Montana Inc
054911-42M Sackman
054694-41O Crumpled Horn
054693-41O Otness
054628-41O Tangen Ranch
054612-41I Maddox
054590-41B Pearce
054550-41I Slifka
054549-41I Watt
054172-43Q Lockwood Water Users Assoc
054154-43Q Bowman
053960-01-76H Cox
053892-76H Cochran
053567-41QJ Ganyaw
053547-40A Pitsch
053527-41K Dahlen
053498-41S Ridgway
053446-41QJ Rock Inc
053446-41QJ Hoover
053426-41S Popisil
053221-40Q Carney
053143-41F Thexton
053142-41F Thexton
053070-41G Ohs
052861-76F Villarreal
052853-41I City of Helena
052843-76G Chirico and Tortoreti
052817-41A Centennial Livestock Corp
052806-41B Towery
052803-41 Watt
052800-41D Bureau of Land Mgmt
052793-76D Hochstetler
052062-76H Johnson
051938-42M Ernster
051769-76LJ Campbell and Lienemann
051722-76D Northhydro Inc
051709-76D Donagy
051550-41QJ Schermele
051545-41QJ Gallagher
051377-41K Turner
051353-41O Crumpled Horn
051282-41Q Ben Lund Farms Inc
051232-41O Lee
051202-41K George Morris Jr and Sons
050765-41Q Nilson Enterprises Inc
050642-40A Zinne Brothers Extension of Time
050641-40A Carless Creek Ranch
050640-40A Sherod
050638-41QJ Rice
050635-41QJ Fauth
050510-76L Meyer
050272-42M Crisafulli
050241-40J Simpson
050240-40J Simpson
050049-41I Brown
049946-40J Hould
049706-41D Cocanougher
049644-41C Ward
049643-41C Ward
049636-41H Parkening
049632-41H Ryen
049605-41G Ohs
049573-4B Carter
049567-41F Thexton
049566-41F First Madison Geothermal
049483-43Q Landon
049371-43Q Macdonald
049230-76M Hanson
048934-41K Tribby
048930-41QJ Eklund
048448-41F Orcutt
048439-41F Climbing Arrow Ranch
048341-41D Bumgarner
048327-41QJ Waring
048020-41U Cleland
048019-40S Mcveda
048018-41U Mcallister
048017-41K Eagen
047648-76N Rausch
047648-76M Rausch
047604-41K Eggers
047276-41I Graveley LD Ranch
047202-41QJ Pilling
047201-41QJ Pierce
046920-76F Halverson
046581-41H Wegenfehr
046581-41H Wagenfehr
046580-41H Peck
046560-41K Gannon
046021-41H Blakely
045541-43C Morse
045422-76M Hanson
045381-01-78H Reynolds
045177-41H Johnstone
045172-41F Thexton
044339-43B Butler
043186-76H Larson Creek Water Users Assoc
043117-41P Mancoronal
043104-76D Garrison
043024-43D Reiter and Grunstead
042748-41K Ohaire Inc
042727-76H Meyer
042667-41I Dan
042666-41F Macmillan
042665-41F First Madison Geothermal
042362-41H Johnson and Saks
042358-43D Cox
042151-76N Wilkinson
042139-41C Morningstar
042138-41QJ Duncan
042136-76M Babcock
042133-43D Zier
041755-41K Sand
041753-41QJ Canfield
041749-41H Hartzheim
041585-41E Dunks and Mccauley
041432-76LJ Crop Hail Mgmt
041418-43D Gray
041417-41H Verwolf
041416-41H Verwolf
041415-41H Verwolf
041414-41H Verwolf
041383-41I Magnant
041382-41I Kosena
041274-41D Beaverhead Partnership
041255-41G Obrien
041255-41B Allred
041224-41I Mcdonald
041207-41K Wills
041205-41QJ Berger
041204-40C Robinson
040950-41K Clark
040928-41K Small
040605-41O Crumpled Horn
040064-76G Peterson
039907-41QJ Astrin
039887-76D West Kootenai Water Users Assoc
039801-41Q City of Great Falls
039787-76M Rehbein
039786-76H Western Water Co
039754-76L Camaroot Ranch Inc
039579-42I Bertelson
039578-41I Lazure
039577-41E Kruse
039573-43C Dowd
039457-41K Cunningham and South
039438-40A Harmon
039430-41D Flying Cloud Ranch
039429-41D Flying Cloud Ranch
039113-41G Kammerman
038719-43Q Bender
038711-41D Mccullough Ranches
038710-41H Hupka
038494 Powers
038493-43QJ Stricker
038327-41F Hill
037690-76M Dowd
036995-41H Hougen and Kraft
036362-76LJ Regional Enterprises Inc
036304-41QJ Jones
036301-41A Beaverhead Partnership
036300-41A Beaverhead Partnership
036299-41A Beaverhead Partnership
036298-41A Beaverhead Partnership
036297-41A Beaverhead Partnership
036296-41A Beaverhead Partnership
036295-41A Beaverhead Partnership
036294-41A Beaverhead Partnership
036286-41I Gibson and Schultz
036242-42M Wyrick
036181-41H Linford
036164-41O Lee
036145-41QJ Corrigan
036136-41QJ Matoon
035862-41O Lee
035635--41K Stanfield
035598-41I Tingley
035561-41QJ Tropila
035560-41K Lowry
035527-41H Lehrer
035465-41QJ Lawson
035419-41E Kirberg
035373-41I Maierle
035284-41K Williamson
035283-41QJ Richberg
035135-41QJ Holtz
035130-41QJ Kettlebut
035018-41QJ Bloomdahl
034814-41G Indian Creek Dev Inc
034636-41K Mcgurran
034635-41K Stanfield
034634-41K Remsh
034633-41K Curtis
034573-76H Grether
034551-76H Bartos
034292-41I Martin
034249-76N Sappingfield
034204-42M Chaffee
034190-41P Schulte
034145-76LJ Wilson and Holst
034142-41H Slingsby
034138-41K Gemar
034125-43B Bickford
033991-41D Giltrap
033983-41O Hoyt
033831-40R Simonson
033710-41S Blair
033484-40A Hunt
033294-41F Yellowstone Village Inc
032993-41G Tinjum
032917-41K Matskko
032806-76H Ward
032798-76G Harpole Family Corp
032722-40R Simonson
032405-41I Truchot
032359-76G Gochanour
032304-41K Holum
032303-41QJ Lee
032257-76L Pope
032238-76L Pope
032237-76L Pope
032236-76L Pope
032095-76LJ Erickson
031883-76L Mcdonald
031836-41J Rearden Ranch Inc
031711-41O Miller Colony Inc
031657-41K Slonaker
031587-41F Yellowstone Village Inc
031585-41O Lee
031441-41R Mcallister
031382-41J Mikesell
031307-76G Klein
031306-76G Klein Final Order
031306-76G Klein
031305-41G Doran
031304-41G Doran
031227-41F T-L Irrigation Co
031227-02-41F Combs Cattle Co
031227-01-41F Shining Mountains Owner Assoc
030688-40O Dykstra
030622 Kelly
030542 Walton
030469-41K Hilde Construction Co
029913 Damond City Mining Co
029912 Diamond City Mining Co
029864-41G Mcnulty
029841-76H Morton
029795-76G Klein
029629-40Q Handy
029581-41H Thompson
029578-41I Lazure
029495-41O Schuler Ranch Inc
029428-76N Engel
029427-76N Haynes
029254-41I Marks
028975-43C Morse
028744-40A Evans
028708-41I Hedrich Straugh and Ringer
028306-41I Campbell
028244-41I Loomis and Edenfield
028223-41H Hahn
028217-52E Axt
028094-41I Johnson
028056-41I Pete Tocci and Sons Inc
028025-76H Dippel
027942-40A Zinne and Sons
027941-40A Zinne and Sons
027941-40A Extension of Time
027903-41F Holly Creek Water Users Assoc
027844-40A Coulee Hill Ranch Inc
027759-40J Bureau of Land Mgmt
027757-40J Bureau of Land Mgmt          
027726-76F Prevol
027665-41I Anson
027522-76M Cadwell
027402-40A Marstaeller
027401-40A Marstaeller
027245-41I Mccormack
027197-40A Sillivan
026962-41U Sechena
026858-40H I X Ranch
026752-41Q Rogers
026751-40A Pitsch
026749-40H Berg-Melby Corporation
026748-40J Berg-Melby Corporation
026747-40J Berg-Melby Corporation
026723-76LJ Meadow Lake Country Club Estates
026722-76LJ Meadow Lake Country Club Estates
026720-76LJ Meadow Lake Country Club Estates
026719-76LJ Meadow Lake Country Club Estates
026718-76LJ Meadow Lake Country Club Estates
026695-4 Nixon
026662-41I Graveley LD Ranch
026661-41I Graveley LD Ranch
026427-40J US Dept of Interior
026426-40J US Dept of Interior
026425-40J US Dept of Interior
026424-40J US Dept of Interior
026423-40J US Dept of Interior
026422-40J US Dept of Interior
026421-40J US Dept of Interior
026420-40J US Dept of Interior
026419-40J US Dept of Interior
026415-40D Brusett
026325-41I Hunter
026290-41E Jeannie S Mining Corp
026021-42J Krutzfeldt
026020-42J Krutzfeldt
026016-42J Krutzfeldt
026013-42J Krutzfeldt
026012-42J Krutzfeldt
026011-42J Krutzfeldt
026010-42J Krutzfeldt
026009-42J Krutzfeldt
025762-41S Campeau
025534-76H Griff
025477-42J Russell and Rumph Ranch
025445-41O Ray Habel Inc
025271-41I Diehl Company
025170-41B East Bench Grain and Machinery Inc
025056-41H Taylor
025010-40P Vaira
024921-41E Monforton
024875-41H City of Belgrade
024844-41I Field and Galt
024668-76LJ Hammell
024591-41H Kenyon-Noble Readymix Co
024550-41QJ CHG Anderson Ranch Co
024550-41QJ Anderson Ranch
024489-42J Krutzfeldt
024404-76G Chase
024199-41QJ Pettapiece
024095-76L Vermedahl
024078-76N Town of Thompson Falls
024054-76G Mt Department of Institutions
024053-76G Mt Department of Institutions
024052-76G Mt Department of Institutions
024048-76G Mt Department of Institutions
024047-76G Mt Department of Institutions
023770-41F Hughes Ranch
023702-41H Donlan
023312-41I Town View Estates Water Users
023247-76LJ Hasson
023246-76L Bartell
023106-76M Vasilchek
022632-41G Warfel
022617-76LJ Fox
022465-40A Zinne and sons
022423-41E Collins
022385-40D Brusett
022332-41H Taylor
022303-41H Nash
022293-42M Gaub
022262-76LJ Town and Hughey
022261-76LJ Town and Hughey
022249-41H Hunter
022188-41I Iverson
022048-41E Kyler
022047-41E Kyler
022047-41E Extension of Time Hearing
021958-76M Dionne
021956-41A Kyler Ranch
021949-41I Hensley
021862-42M Gaub
021716-42M Gaub
021715-42M Gaub
021673-41H Erwin
021626-41I Marks
021504-40J Beck
021223-76H Boyd
021106-43D Devries
021091-43D Waples
020886-76H Hensler
020885-76H Zion Investment Corp
020771-76N Denkinger
020769-76K Rogers
020737-41H City of Bozeman
020736-41H City of Bozeman
020683-76H Campbell
020682-76H Campbell
020486-41F Fogle
020366-40A Marstaeller
020365-40A Marstaeller
020301-41F Robbie
020074-76G Staton
019570-43B Papez
019569-43B Papez
019535-76H Campbell
019284-41E Ed Murphy Ranches Inc
019282-41E Ed Murphy Ranches Inc
019244-76H Law
019230-41E Boone Trust
019170-43Q Decock
019084-41I City of Helena
018962-41O North Montana Feeders Inc
018860-76H Oconnor
018846-76LJ Orem
018845-76LJ Orem
018583-43Q Smith
018519-40J Woronik
018518-40J Woronik
018516-40J Woronik
018506-43B Town of Joliet
018154-42B Kendrick Cattle Company
018153-42B Kendrick Cattle Company
018152-42B Kendrick Cattle Company
018150-42B Kendrick Cattle Company
018148-42B Kendrick Cattle Company
018147-42B Kendrick Cattle Company
018146-42B Kendrick Cattle Company
018111-41G Felsheim
017907-40A Marstaeller
017881-40A Runestad Jr
017743-76LJ Harrington and Bibler Inc
017619-43D Allen
017123-41O Gebhart
017076-41F Fairhurst
017056-76G Anaconda-Deer Lodge City-County
016883-41H Smith
016696-41F Jack Creek Ranch Trust
016577-76E MacPherson
016340-76L Drum Land and Livestock
016322-41I McTaggart
016111-41H Ashcraft
015930-76H Unified Industries
015928-76H Allred
015928-76H Allred
015152-76L Pope Certification to Director
015152-76L Pope Certification to Director
015152-76L Pope
015152-76L Pope
015150-76H Prelat
015150-76H Prelat
014991-76LJ Mitton
014991-76LJ Mitton
014965-41E Boone Trust
014965-41E Boone Trust
014607-76LJ Ashley Irrigation District
014607-76LJ Ashley Irrigation District
014598-41D Divide-Kambich Co
014598-41D Divide-Kambich Co
014559-41B Johnson
014559-41B Johnson
014538-41H Potts
014538-41H Potts
014295-41F Blakely
014295-41F Blakely
013701-40O George Greenwood Trust
013648-40A Roberts Loan and Cattle Co
013590-40J Turner Colony
013589-40J Turner Colony
013539-01-42KJ Lockie
013503-76H Leister
013188-40O George Greenwood Trust
013180-76L Bradshaw
013017-41L Thisted
013012-76LJ Dulin
013003-40O George Greenwood Trust
012893-76GJ Parker
012868-76M Nyquist
012826-76LJ Ridgewood
012684-76M Anderson
012344-43D Pilati
012277-39FJ Oscar Quam Ranch
012276-39FJ Oscar Quam Ranch
012203-41I Treasure State Acres Inc
012123-76M Bladholm
012016-41G Brown
011800-40D Wittmayer and Krikorian
011798-40D Wittmayer and Krikorian
011493-41G Jefferson River Acres
011454-41C Peterson
011368-40J Billmayer
011348-40J Billmayer
011347-40J Billmayer
011346-40J Billmayer
011345-40J Billmayer
011185-43D McDowell
011180-43D Lee
010847-76LJ Seifert
010841-41G Woods
010820-76H Gasvoda
010819-76H Gasvoda
010755-76D Stevens
010754-76D Stevens
010612-39G Jendro
010611-39G Jendro
010601-41O Pearson Brothers Inc
010541-42M Kukowski
010517-76LJ Landfall Company
010442-41S Pospisil
010307-76L Neiman
010298-76LJ Prentice
010046-41D Schonenberger
010021-41H Bacon
009987-41I Foster
009969-76L Jacobson
009966-40J Robinson
009961-42C Willson
009849-76C Monk
009847-40J Linn
009787-76L Frolin
009757-76K Shotliff and Haugh
009548-76H Kammerer
009528-76D Stevens
009527-43QJ Mohr
009387-40O 3-D Ranch
009357-40A Pitsch
009314-76D Stevens
009238-41J Castle Mountain Ranch Inc
009237-41J Castle Mountain Ranch Inc
009019-42M Downs
008989-76LJ Love and Leverson
008982-76LJ Sistok
008877-42M Gaub
008874-40J Korman
008865-40J Korman
008863-42L Gray
008772-41QJ Palo
008734-76M Anderson
008631-39G Morrison
008627-76N Lachambre
008518-41I Kirksey Brothers
008329-76H Johnson
008323-76L Starkel and Koester
008306-40D Helm Hereford Ranch
008291-76LJ Anderson
008248-42KJ Newman
008247-42KJ Newman
008246-76L Reimer
008073-42KJ Deveny Farms Inc
008022-76LJ Bair
008010-76L Reimer
007965-99-76LJ Louisiana Land and Livestock
007889-76H Dopp
007887-76H Dopp
007869-43QJ Steinmetz
007853-41B Stoddard
007750-40O Wimmer
007575-42M Gaub
007555-40J Hall
007554-40J Hall
007527-41J Castle Mountain Ranch Inc
007524-41J Castle Mountain Ranch Inc
007523-41J Castle Mountain Ranch Inc
007522-76LJ Bonty
007504-41H Blakely
007486-42M Dohrmann Enterprises Inc
007484-40N Johnson
007481-76LJ Carlson
007360-41S Ridgeway
007325 - now 199792-41M Kingsbury Ditch Company
007264-43D Wallace
006940-42M N Triangle Ranch Inc
006939-41J Bair
006894-76K Otten
006764-43A Reichman
006701-76H Greenwood
006673-41I Marks
006576-76H Moss
006498-40K Dunbar
006453-41J Loney and Bair
006425-76H Sullivan
006322-43D Obert
006269-42KJ Newman
006268-42KJ Newman
006217-41N Hofer Brothers
005932-40A Zinne
005742-76H Cooper
005737-76LJ Fisher
005698-76H Harvey
005639-76LJ Grosswiler Dairy
005638-76LJ Grosswiler Dairy
005569-41J Johnston
005408-41K Standley
005392-76L Cross
005364-76M Finley
005277-76L Muster
005270-41D Mt State Lands
005266-41O Farmers Coop Canal Co
005151-76M Ford
005122-41S Barrick
005083-41I Moldenhauer
005081-41I Moldenhauer
005063-43D Karr
004996-43D Devries
004963-41I Mt State Lands
004962-41A Mt Department of Lands
004806-40D Glasscock
004726-41P Hastings
004686-40D Erlenbusch
004659-43D Mathis
004647-43Q Meisner
004636-76H Waltermire
004516-41O Crumpled Horn
004501-41E North Boulder Drainage District
004492-41B Taylor
004410-42I Luckcuck
004409-42I Luckcuck
004379-40J Beatty
004342-41S Barrick
004234-40E Koss
004140-41O New Rockport Colony
004078-41P Philipps
004063-76M Konie
004043-76N Todd
003997-41O Hammond
003907-76LJ Kesler
003792-41O Meadows Ranch Inc
003626-41N Hofer Brothers
003614-43Q Feist
003599-40J Vosen
003597-40J Vosen
003531-43B City of Livingston
003529-40R Haugen
003490-40R Haugen
003489-40R Haugen
003488-40R Haugen 
003487-40R Haugen
003486-40R Haugen
003485-40R Haugen
003484-40R Haugen
003483-40R Haugen
003482-40R Haugen
003481-40R Haugen
003480-40R Haugen
003358-40S Palmer Ranch
003344-40R Smith Farms Inc
003343-40J Sivertsen and Doughten Farms
003323-40Q Mt State Lands
003197-40J Mt State Lands 
003195-76H Szchenyi 
003094-76L Howser
003068-76G Neidhardt 
003051-40J Unruh 
003049-01-76D Mt Fish Wildlife and Parks
003049-00-76D Wood
002957-40E US Bureau Land Mgmt
002953-40E US Bureau Land Mgmt
002952-40E US Bureau Land Mgmt
002951-40E US Bureau Land Mgmt
002950-40E US Bureau Land Mgmt
002949-40E US Bureau Land Mgmt
002948-40E US Bureau Land Mgmt
002912-76H Owen
002911-76H Owen
002909-41S Ridgeway
002888-76L Clute
002841-40G Stanberry
001819-40J Unruh
001769-42L Schell
001681-43Q Bureau of Land Management
001676-41I Burlington Northern Inc
001655-43D Howell
001623-41I Bureau of Land Management
001602-41N Blair
001600-41S Shipman
001599-41S Shipman
001598-41S Shipman
001545-43Q Yellowstone Boys Ranch
001523-76D Garrison
001443-40J Adams
001438-42KJ Swart
001437-42KJ Swart
001422-41QJ Anderson Ranch
001387-40R McLean
001378-41I Helena Sand and Gravel
001377-41I Helena Sand and Gravel
001376-41I Helena Sand and Gravel
001351-41J Berg
001316-40O Hurlbert
001314-76H Gulbranson
001283-41O Scott
001266-76L Kemp Ranch Partnership
001265-76L Kemp Ranch Partnership
001260-76L Hughes
001255-40J Mitchell Grazing Association
001136-40I Faber
001112-42J Montana Dept of State Lands
001042-41I Moldenhauer
001028-76L Bras
000913-41I Kelly
000912-41K Skyliner Corporation
000859-41B Elliot
000812-41J Meagher County Newlan Creek Water District
000783-41G Sears
000702-41K Christensen
000701-41K Christensen
000546-41O Crumpled Horn
000457-40J Doll
000425-76N Czerwinski
000278-40O Bengochea
000245-76H Sobczak
000218-42J Montana Dept of State Lands
000217-42J Montana Dept of State Lands
000201-76LJ Nussbaum and Johnson
000159-40A Debuf
000107-41I Diehl Development Corporation
000101-41I Thompson
000098-41I Morgan
000095-40E Crowder
000077-43D Kane
000073-76L City of Ronan
000067-43D Coutts
000056-40O Foust and Holter
000032-41E Bird
000025-41O Depner
000023-40A Cooney Brothers
000016-41S Bokma
000010-42KJ Westmoreland Resources
000001-41H Morgan