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Other Dam Safety Technical References

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Archive (Past Issues)

 *NEW* Vol. 7 Issue 1 - Wise Up: DSS-WISE LITE as an Alternative Method for Breach Analysis and Consequence Estimation;  A Tool for Every Job: Statewide Probable Maximum and Extreme Precipitation Estimation


Extreme Storm Working Group Report

In 2016, the Montana Dam Safety Program assembled a group of experts to evaluate our methodology for determining the inflow design flood for dam spillway analysis in MT.  This report summarizes the groups finding and recommendations.

New Research: Stress Analysis of Soils Adjacent to Outlet Conduits on Small Dams


Association of State Dam Safety Officials Resource Database
ASDSO's Dam Safety Resource Database contains more than 12,000 entries that reference dam safety publications. These entries cover a wide variety of dam safety topics including technical and non-technical areas, history, best practices, regulations, news,and more. The entries also represent a variety of sources including federal and state departments, professional societies, research groups, industry news outlets, international organizations, and universities.