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Dam Safety Publications, Videos, Bulletins and News

Dam Safety in Montana - General Information

Dams in Montana
Montana High Hazard Dams Map
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Legal Liability of Dam
Ownership in Montana
Montana Dams and Hydropower

Dam Safety Program Webinars and Videos

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Probable Maximum Precipitation in Montana (2019)
This webinar was recorded in 2019 and provides an overview of the state of practice in Montana for determining the Probable Maximum Precipitation.

Ruby Dam Rehabilitation
This video tells the fascinating story of the Ruby Dam Rehabilitation.

Inspecting Your Montana Dam
Tips, Advice and Instructions for completing a Dam Owner Annual inspection.

Instructions for Installing Shallow "Beck" Piezometers in Your Dam
Beck piezometers are shallow temporary piezometers that can be installed with equipment and tools available at a local hardware store. They can provide valuable information on seepage conditions at the toe of a dam for minimal cost.

Planning a Dam Construction Project - Permitting and the Design Review Process
Careful planning of a high hazard dam construction project is important for success. Learn more!

Planning a Dam Construction Project - Recommendations for Repair or Rehabilitation of Dams Not Permitted by Dam Safety
Even if your dam is not high hazard and does not require permits, careful planning is important for success. Learn more by watching this video.

Outlet Works Rehabilitation Guide for Small Dams

Dam Owner Digital Record Filing (Great West, 2016)

Dam Owner Emergency Intervention Toolbox (Gannett Fleming, 2016)

Funding Examples of Major Dam and Canal Infrastructure Projects in Montana (Great West Engineering)

Extreme Storm Working Group Report
In 2016, the Montana Dam Safety Program assembled a group of experts to evaluate our methodology for determining the inflow design flood for dam spillway analysis in MT. This report summarizes the groups finding and recommendations.

Chimney Filter / Drain Design and Construction Considerations
This technical note was developed by URS Corporation for the Montana Dam Safety Program to provide engineers practical guidance for the design and construction of chimney filter and drainage features for embankment dams. The focus is on small embankment dams facing outlet replacement.

New Research: Stress Analysis of Soils Adjacent to Outlet Conduits on Small Dams

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Archive (Past Issues)

 *NEW* Vol. 8 Issue 1 - Assessment and Rehabilitation Following an Internal Erosion Incident;  How Dewatering Can Derail Construction Projects