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Dam Construction Design Review Process


The DNRC Dam Safety Program has adopted a new process to get a dam construction project smoothly through the permitting required by State law.  This process is based on the concept of early communication between the dam owner, their engineer and Dam Safety Program engineers. 

Planning a Dam Construction Project - Permitting and the Design Review Process
Careful planning of a high hazard dam construction project is important for success. Learn the basics in this short video.

Technical Note 9 Dam Design Review Process Guidance describes in detail the construction permitting review process and the steps required to get a project successfully from the planning stages to completion.

  Effect of Making Design Changes Late in the Design Process



A Construction Permit is the final stage in the Design Review Process and must be accompanied by construction plans and specifications and an engineering design report.



New tools to assist the dam safety regulator review design reports, plans and specifications are now available.  The checklists can be easily customized depending on the complexity of the project and unique circumstances.  Although developed for dam safety regulatory agencies, design engineers will also find these tools to be of value.

Design Report Review Toolbox

This handy spreadsheet checklist provides guidance on what to look for when reviewing a design report.

Specifications Review Toolbox

Specifications - always a challenge to review and write, especially for dam construction projects. The tool was developed in Microsoft Excel  and contains indexed worksheets that pertain to major parts of a dam construction project, including general requirements, earthwork, drainage pipe, concrete and water control. Each worksheet systematically reminds users of important things that need to be considered through a series of targeted questions. The Tool addresses the most commonly used dam construction topics.

Construction Drawings Toolbox

Although drawings are unique for every project, there are some common things the reviewer must look for.