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Dam Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance Manual

All permitted dams must maintain a current operation and maintenance manual.

Operation and Maintenance Manual Template  (MS Word Document)
Example Operation and Maintenance Manual


Dam Maintenance Information

Dam Maintenance Fact Sheets


Other Information

Small Earthen Embankment Construction

Outlet Works Rehabilitation Guide for Small Dams - This guide uses short stories and photos to illustrate considerations that dam owners, engineers, and regulators must take into account when outlet rehabilitation is on the horizon. This is not intended to be a design guide. Rather, this guide highlights past experiences and lessons learned from others. Cautions and concerns are noted and resources for additional information identified. This guide was developed on the premise that informed dam owners make wise decisions. Wise decisions result in a successful project.

Manual on Corrugated Metal Pipe in Dams for Montana Dam Owners - This manual is intended to provide practical guidance and information to dam owners and users in Montana, specifically in regard to issues surrounding corrugated petal pipe (CMP) and its use in embankment dams.  This manual is not a regulatory document, nor is it an exhaustive reference on the subject.

Installing Piezometers in Your Dam