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For Dam Owners


Dams 101 - Types of Dams and How They Work (video/mp4) - 2018

So the Dam Safety Program asked you to hire an engineer…

Do you have a Corrugated Metal Pipe in your Dam?

Annual Owner Inspection

Dam safety rules require that high hazard dam owners conduct an inspection annually. Exempt are years when the dam owner's engineer conducts an inspection.
Inspecting Your MT Dam Video


Five-Year Engineer Inspections


Operation and Maintenance Manual

All permitted dams must maintain a current operation and maintenance manual.


Dam Maintenance Information

*Outlet Works Rehabilitation Guide for Small Dams - This guide uses short stories and photos to illustrate considerations that dam owners, engineers and regulators must take into account when outlet rehabilitation is on the horizon. This is not intended to be a design guide. Rather, this guide highlights past experiences and lessons learned from others. Cautions and concerns are noted and resources for additional information identified. This guide was developed on the premise that informed dam owners make wise decisions. Wise decisions result in a successful project.


Other Information

Downstream Hazard Assessments for Small Dams

    • The “standard of care” nationwide is to know what happens below
      your dam should it fail. If your dam is over 50 acre feet in capacity,
      you should apply for a downstream hazard classification. What if
      your dam is under 50 acre feet? You still should know what hazards
      are at risk below your dam. It is possible to estimate the dam breach
      flood area using a few simplifying assumptions and making some basic
      calculations. For information and guidance, please refer to the Small
      Dam Hazard Assessment Inventory

Dam Emergency Action Plan System


Grants and Loans for Dam Owners

Applications and Information for Private Dam Owners

Applications and Information for Public Dam Owners

Montana Association of Dam and Canal Systems

The mission of the MADCS is to share information between Montana dam and canal owners. For more information, please visit: