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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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Dam Safety

The Dam Safety Program regulates the construction, operation and maintenance of Montana's dams to protect life and property from damages due to failure. The dam safety program also provides training and outreach to dam owners and engineers and assists with emergency preparedness activities.

Is Your Dam Above Homes, Highways, or Other Structures?


For Dam

Dam Owners

Guidance Documents
& Technical Notes
Technical References

Permitting Your
Existing Dam
Permitting Exisitng Dams

Proposing to
Build a New Dam
Building a New Dam

Planning for a
Dam Emergency
Planning for a Dam Emergency

Proposing to Repair
an Existing Dam
Repair an Existing Dam

Rules and

Rules and Regulations

Image and
Video Gallery

Filing a Dam
Safety Complaint


Cool Tools
Cool Tools 

Design Review
Process Manual



MT PMP Bill Kappel Webinar - To download the video, right-click on the link and select Save Link As... 



Get the latest Western Dam Engineering Technical Notes

Archive (Past Issues)

*NEW* Vol. 6 Issue 2 What the HEC? - Selecting the Best HEC Model for the Job; Factoring for Human Factors in Dam Safety Incidents and Failures; Abandonment of Low-Level Outlet Conduits, Think it Through Before you Grout it Through

Contact Dam Safety
Dam Safety
DNRC Water Resources
1424 9th Avenue
PO Box 201601
Helena, MT 59620-1601


Bureau Chief
(406) 444-6816

Michele Lemieux, PE
Dam Safety Program Manager / Civil Engineer
(406) 444-6613

Chadrick Hill 
Civil Engineering Specialist
(406) 444-1358

Administrative Support
(406) 444-0862

Helena Regional Office
(406) 444-9724

Havre Regional Office
(406) 265-5516

Sam Johnson, PE
Billings Regional Office
(406) 247-4423

Larry Schock, CFM
Missoula Regional Office
(406) 542-5885

Marc Pitman, PE CFM
Kalispell  Regional Engineering Specialist
(406) 752-2713

Sterling Sundheim, CFM
Lewistown Regional Office
(406) 538-7459

, EI
Bozeman Regional Office
(406) 556-4508