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Enhancing Streamflows Through Shallow Aquifer Recharge - Technical Meeting

Helena, Montana  - October 21, 2015



The Role of Groundwater in Streams, Floodplains and Riparian Zones, William W. Woessner, University of Montana - Missoula

Shallow Aquifer Recharge and Incised Channel Restoration, Nathan Korb, The Nature Conservancy, Southwest Montana Science Director

Using 'Beaver Analoge Structures': A Case Study, Jeff Burrell, Wildlife Conservation Society, Northern Rockies Program Director

Irrigation and "Incidental Recharge" in Montana, John LaFave and Ginette Abdo, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology

Conversion of Irrigated Agricultural Land in Eastern Idaho to Non-agricultural Uses: Consequences for Water Management and Hydrology, Rob Van Kirk, Humboldt State University

Practical Mapping, Channel Migration and Floodplains, Karin Boyd, Applied Geiomorphology, Inc.

Measuring Success - Metrics for Monitoring and Evaluating Outcomes of Shallow Aquifer Recharge Projects, Rod Caldwell, U. S. Geological Survey, WY-MT Water Science Center

Floodplain Policy Considerations, Traci Sears, MT DNRC Floodplain Program