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Studies and Reports

Bureau of Reclamation North Central Montana Regional Feasibility Report

In October 2004, the Bureau of Reclamation released its North Central Montana Regional Feasibility Report authorized under the 1999 Chippewa Cree reserved water rights settlement (P.L.106-163). As part of the study, Reclamation examined 18 alternatives to resolve water supply, water use and management, and other major water-related issues in north central Montana. Reclamation identified rehabilitation of the St. Mary Diversion & Conveyance Works as the only feasible alternative that would address water supply and related issues in north-central Montana, and produce positive economic benefits.

Regional Feasibility Report - North Central Montana - October 2004 (PDF- 6MB)

Phase I Engineering Report

In 2004, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) hired the engineering consulting firm of Thomas Dean & Hoskins (TD&H) of Great Falls, Montana, to provide professional engineering services to the State and St. Mary Rehabilitation Working Group. In February 2005, TD&H released the Phase I engineering report titled St. Mary Diversion Works Data Review, Preliminary Cost Estimate and Proposed Rehabilitation Plan - TD&H, February 2005.

Phase 1 Engineering Report Exec Summary (PDF)

Phase 1 Engineering Report (PDF - 58MB)

Phase II Engineering Reports

In 2006, TD&H began Phase II preliminary engineering design work for rehabilitating the St. Mary Diversion and Conveyance Works. The results of this effort are documented in the following reports.

St. Mary Diversion Works Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design Considerations for Overall Canal Rehabilitation - TD&H, July 2006 (PDF - 15.6MB)

St. Mary Diversion Works Feasibility and Preliminary Engineering Report for Facility Rehabilitation - TD&H, August 2006. (PDF - 12MB) This report examined several alternative designs for rehabilitating system infrastructure and developed feasibility level cost estimates for each. All cost estimates were prepared in general accordance with procedures described in Reclamation’s Cost Estimating Handbook (USBR, 1989).

St. Mary Diversion & Milk River Project Preliminary Economic Analysis Impacts and Benefit-Cost Analysis - Bioeconomics, August 2006. (PDF) Preliminary economic analysis of the project indicates that investment in rehabilitation of the St. Mary Diversion Works will produce an estimated economic benefit of $24 to $39 million annually, compared to the amortized annual project cost of about $6.6 million.

Exiting Topography for St. Mary Diversion Facilities - TD&H, November 2007. (This document is not available in an electronic format)

Other Reports

St. Mary Diversion and Conveyance Facilities Failure and O&M Reference Guide - MT DNRC, January 2010 (PDF - 10.3MB)

St. Mary Canal System Hydropower Feasibility Study - HKM, March 2007 (PDF - 5.6MB)

Fish Entrainment Investigations at the St. Mary Diversion Dam, St. Mary River, Montana - USBR, December 2002 (PDF)

Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentus) Use of the Tributaries of the St. Mary River - USF&WS, May 2004 (PDF - 1.4MB)

Identification and Characterization of Migratory and Nonmigratory Bull Trout Populations in the St. Mary River Drainage, Montana - USF&WS, June 2005 (PDF)