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Mill Creek Water Measurement Project

Paradise Valley, Park County

The Mill Creek Water Measurement Project is a planning and hydrologic study aimed at addressing the chronic dewatering of Mill Creek, a tributary of the upper Yellowstone River. Work is sponsored by the Upper Yellowstone Watershed Group and involves measuring and monitoring stream flows and irrigation diversions so that informed decisions regarding water management can be made by water users and residents. This site is intended to serve as a central point of information about Mill Creek.

  • Burned Area Evaluation Report for the Wicked Creek Fire, U.S. Forest Service, 2007, Gallatin National Forest, Livingston Ranger District
    The 26,500 acre Wicked Creek fire and the 2,500 acre Hicks Park fire form the 29,000 acre WH complex. Major tributary streams burned within the Wicked Creek fire area include Colley Creek, Anderson Creek, Passage Creek, East Dam Creek, parts of the East Fork of Mill Creek, and additional parts of Mill Creek.

  • Impact of Non-Point Source Pollution on Water Resources in the Paradise Valley, Prepared for Park County by the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, May, 2005.
    A hydrogeological investigation of Paradise valley was conducted by MBMG in cooperation with Park County 2000-2005. The primary goal was to develop an understanding of the physical hydrogeology of both the ground and surface water systems in the Paradise Valley. The investigation consisted of inventorying wells and surface water sites, monitoring groundwater levels and stream flows, collecting water-quality samples, collecting water samples for groundwater age-dating, and performing aquifer tests.

  • Mill Creek Flow Measurement, Roberts, Mike, DNRC Hydrologist.
    A short report presenting flow data collected on Mill Creek during the 2002 field season.

  • Water Leases and Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Fry Outmigration from Four Tributaries of the Upper Yellowstone River, Roulson, L.H., prepared by Garcia and Associates, Bozeman Montana, for the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, December, 1999.
    Garcia and Associates (GANDA) contracted with Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks to conduct biological monitoring related to Yellowstone cutthroat trout fry outmigrations from four tributaries of the Yellowstone River in Park County, Montana. GANDA examined how the existing water leases influenced in-stream flows and Yellowstone cutthroat trout fry outmigration from Mill, Cedar, Mol Heron and Big creeks from July 23 to September 22, 1999.

  • Evaluation of Mill Creek Flushing Flow August 19-22, Opitz, S. and Brummond, A., Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, September, 22, 1999.
    Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) contracted with the Mill Creek Water District to cease diversions from Mill Creek for approximately a 60-hour period in order to move or flush trout fry and young fish into the Yellowstone River. This report documents the monitoring results for that project.

  • Measuring Devices on Mill Creek, DNRC Water Measurement Program, April 1994.
    The purpose of the report is to examine the likelihood that installing devices to control and measure water flow will solve chronic dewatering on Mill Creek, or resolve conflicts among water right holders.
  • Watershed Plan Environmental Assessment for Mill Creek Watershed, Park County, Montana, Soil Conservation Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bozeman Montana, June 1986.
    This document describes a plan for water conservation using land treatment and structural measures to improve onfarm and delivery irrigation efficiencies in the Mill Creek Watershed area. It was intended to satisfy NEPA and project planning requirements and documents the assessment of alternatives to the pipeline project which was ultimately built and completed in 1992.

2006 Letter to Mill Creek Water Users - Scott Opitz, FWP Livingston Area Fisheries Biologist

Montana Trout Unlimited Mini-grant Application

Monitoring Plan - Dave Amman, DNRC Hydrologist, February 2008


Mill Creek Flow Monitoring – Summer 2008 – Dave Amman, DNRC, November 2008

Mill Creek SNOTEL Investigation – Roy Kaiser, NRCS, November 2008

Instream Flow Work: Mill Creek Water Conservation Strategies - Rankin Holmes, Project Manager Montana Water Trust, August 2008

Water Right Enforcement in Montana - Colleen Coyle, Senior Water Master, Montana Water Court, June 2008

Climate Presentation - November 2009 - Jesse Aber, DNRC, November 2009