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Water Measurement Program

The Water Measurement Program provides technical information and expertise regarding the installation of measuring and controlling devices on diversions from streams where chronic dewatering causes water use disputes or severe dewatering impacts

Water Measurement

Program Background

Water measurement is the most fundamental tool in water management and the first step in gaining information necessary to manage the resource.

The Montana Water Measurement Program was established by the 1991 legislature and is designed to identify watercourses where chronic dewatering significantly impairs beneficial uses.  The program seeks to resolve conflicts between competing water uses such as agriculture, fisheries, industrial, municipal and recreation. The program also works cooperatively with various watershed groups, providing technical assistance in the form of irrigation water measurement, stream flow measurement and modeling.

The program requires measuring and controlling devices on diversions from watercourses formally designated as chronically dewatered, by statute. This tool can help to reduce water use conflicts on a local level.  Limited grant funding is available to partially offset costs of installing measuring or controlling devices.

Grant Application for Water Measurement or Water Controlling Devices (Headgates)

Current and Continuing Projects



Rules and Regulation

Administrative Rules for Water Measurement MCA 85-2-113

Program Statutes

Department Powers and Duties MCA 85-2-113

Chronically Dewatered Watercourse Objectives MCA 85-2-150

Program Contact

- (406) 444-6648