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Lolo Watershed Study

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Watershed Study

The Lolo Watershed study is a joint effort between the DNRC and Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology (MBMG) to better understand the water resources of Lolo creek.

Study Objectives

  • Develop a surface water budget for the watershed.
  • Provide estimates of future water supply and water use.
  • Summarize hydrologic data and analysis in a report that communicates both a general and detailed understanding of the Lolo Watershed.
  • Provide hydrologic data and analysis that supports drought planning, improvements in water use efficiency and water use administration.
  • Support the MBMG ground water investigation.

Data Downloads and Products

Steamflow and water use

About the Lolo Study

Fact Sheet

Contact Information

Todd Blythe


Local Weather Data

Montana Climate Office

Natural Resources and Conservation Service

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