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Programs, Projects, and Studies

Water Management Bureau hydrologists participate in a variety of technical activities and scientific investigations with the goal of supporting improved water management throughout the state.

Water Resource Studies

Hydrologists have conducted watershed resource studies throughout Montana in response to local requests. In general these studies characterize the hydrology of the watershed and quantify demands placed on the system.  Ultimately, these studies lead to a better understanding of the water resources and can be used to  inform  water management and drought planning.

Water Measurement Program

The Water Measurement Program provides technical information and expertise regarding the installation of measuring and controlling devices on diversions from streams where chronic dewatering causes water use disputes or severe dewatering impacts.

Stream Gaging Program

The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) is committed to providing high quality ‘real-time’ hydrologic data and information to support all water users in the management and use of Montana’s water resources.

StAGE-Stream and Gage Explorer
Real-Time Stream Gage Data from Montana DNRC’s Gages
StAGE Informational Flyer

Stream Gaging Program Information Flyer

MT Real-Time Stream Flow Gages


Video - Inside a Real-Time Stream Gage

Inside a Real Time Stream Gage front photo used for video.  This video looks at all the Real-Time Stream Gage and each part of the equipment.  The video is 5 minutes long covering stream gages (stream gauges).