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Who owns the water in Montana
Who owns the water? Water Rights information sheet that includes information on beneficial use, appropriate use, Murphy Rights, and closed basins.
Who Manages Montanas Water.pdf
A fact sheet on how water in Montana is managed and what agencies and organizations are managing water at the local, state, and federal levels. Tribal water resources are also briefly discussed.
How much water is there and how is it used.pdf
A fact sheet about average amount of water that flows through Montana. With an overview of water use and consumption for the state. Brief overviews about total water withdrawals, and statewide average inflow and outflow of water.
Can groundwater meet the demand for water
A fact sheet about the importance that groundwater plays in meeting Montana’s demand for water. Other information discussed includes an overview of aquifers in Montana, and closed river basins with controlled groundwater areas.
History of water planning in montana.pdf
An overview of Montana’s historical planning for water conservation, development, and beneficial use starting in the early 1900’s. Information about the Montana Irrigation Commission, the State Water Conservation Board, and the water conservation projects that were built is also discussed.
How is water managed in the event of water shortages.pdf
An overview of how water is managed in shortages. Including information on prior appropriation doctrine, senior vs. junior water right holders, and controlled groundwater areas.
What is water rights adjudication.pdf
An overview of water rights adjudication in Montana. Including basin locations and the adjudication status.
How are instream flows protected.pdf
A fact sheet about water rights, state water reservations and leases that keep water instream to protect fisheries, wildlife, and recreational uses.
What are federal reserved water rights.pdf
An overview of the federal and tribal reserved water rights in Montana. Including a brief historical overview and information on the Winters Doctrine.
Water Fact Sheets Terminology.pdf
Definitions of water terms used in the Facts About Montana’s Water fact sheets.
Who does what with montanas water.pdf
A 36-page guide to Montana’s water management. The booklet describes the government’s role (federal, state, and local) in managing water and the laws that influence water management.
Water Rights and Historical Beneficial Use.pdf
A brief overview of water rights and how they are tied to historical beneficial use. Resources and where to find additional information are also listed in the document.
1. dalby_2015_seb_workshop.pdf
miabs-8_UMBIA Climate Change Analysis. McGuire.pdf
miabs-9_UMBIA Hydrology Modeling .McGuire.pdf
miabs-10_UMBIA Overview. McGuire.pdf
miabs-11_UMBIA RiverWare Modeling.Lanini.pdf
miabs-12_UMBIA Water Demands. Gangopadhyay.pdf
miabs-13_UMBIA WWCRA. Erger.pdf
miabs-14_USGS Missouri River Basin. Chase.pdf
miabs-5_Missouri River BasinStudy Iss& Strategies.Dolan.pdf
miabs-6_Missouri Headwaters Meeting MCA.pdf
miabs-7_Multi Century Perspective on Streamflow.Martin.pdf
Missouri Headwaters Impact and Assessment Basin Study Agenda.pdf
The Missouri Headwaters Impact and Assessment Basin Study Agenda. This meeting occurred in December 2016.
Montana Real Time Stream Flow Gages.pdf
Montana's real-time stream gages (gauges) located throughout the state. The data and information is generated by multiple networks operated by USGS, DNRC, and some tribes. Additional gages (gage, gauge) are needed as recommended by the 2015 State Water Plan.
Water Distr Guide - Low Res.pdf