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Governor's Drought and Water Supply Advisory Committee

River near agriculture land

Drought management in Montana starts with individual water users and builds from there to the local, regional and state levels. At the state level, the Governor's Drought and Water Supply Advisory Committee serves as a clearinghouse for information on water supply conditions and drought mitigation actions.

The Drought Advisory Committee is chaired by the Montana Dept. of Natural Resources and Conservation Director (Amanda Kaster), and consists of representatives from the departments of Natural Resources and Conservation; Agriculture; Commerce; Fish, Wildlife, and Parks; Military Affairs; Environmental Quality; and Livestock. Its responsibilities include developing a state drought management plan, performing monthly water supply assessments, reporting on local impacts, identifying mitigation strategies, and directing financial, technical and human resources to assist in regional and local drought management efforts. (MCA § 2-15-3308).

With increasing demands on already limited water resources, wise and efficient water use is critical. Through proactive, locally-initiated drought planning, federal and state resources can be harnessed to build long-term drought resilience as well as short-term emergency preparedness.

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