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Water Resources

Lake in Sanders County

The Division carries out its duties for the purpose of promoting the general welfare and prosperity of the people of Montana. Sound coordination of the development and utilization of the state’s waters allows the Division to protect existing uses and to promote adequate future supplies for domestic, industrial, agricultural, recreation, the conservation of water for wildlife, aquatic life and other beneficial uses.

Current Topics

Montana State Water Plan 2015

The plan is a synthesis of the vision and efforts of DNRC and regional Basin Advisory Councils established in Montana's four main river basins and addresses key water management related issues facing Montana.

CSKT Compact Documents Available

2015 Legislative information, for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes-Montana Compact negotiations, will be posted on this site as it becomes available.

DNRC Guidance on Combined Appropriation

The document provides general guidance in applying the Montana First Judicial Court's recent Order on Petition for Judicial Review in Clark Fork Coalition v. Tubbs. The CFC decision ordered that the DNRC’s 1987 Rule defining a “combined appropriation” of two or more “exempt” wells be reinstated. This order took effect on 11‐21‐2014.

SB 355 Exempt Claim Filing Statute FAQ and Forms

By filing your exempt water right, a water right in existance before 1973 and exempted from the two previous mandatory claim filing periods, you are able to enforce the right against all other timely filed water rights in the state and are entitled to receive notice of water right proceedings in your basin.

Oil/Gas Development and Water Rights Information

Water use options for oil well development; water rights, conservation districts, water reservations and the oil boom; and guidance for municipalities.