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Water Policy Interim Committee Documents

This is not a comprehensive list of documents submitted to the WPIC, but represents the Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission’s responses to committee requests and the documents produced by the Committee and its Technical Working Group during the 2013–2015 biennium. All documents submitted to or considered by the Committee are available at:

Memo from Compact Commission to Chairman Chas Vincent 12/16/2013

Memo from Compact Commission to WPIC 3/3/2014

Memo from Helen Thigpen to WPIC in Response to Legal Questions Submitted by Representatives Balance And Regier 8/22/2014

Report of Findings by Water Policy Interim Committee Technical Working Group 9/23/2014

WPIC Recommendations to RWRCC 10/30/2014

RWRCC Final Response to WPIC Recommendations 12/12/2014