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CSKT Compact Documents

Summary of Water Rights Quantified by Compact – 2018 Update

DNRC's Hydrologic Analysis of Non-Compact Off-Reservation Instream Flow Claims - to be Adjudicated Absent a Compact

2015 Documents

Compact Summary 2015

Off-Reservation Impact Analysis – 2015

State Technical Evaluation of FIIP Water Use Agreement

State Response to Dutton’s 2015 Evaluation

BOR Flathead Indian Irrigation Project Pumping Plants

Legislator Informational Materials

  1. CSKT Water Rights Summary
  2. Response to Six Reasons to Reject the CSKT Water Compact
  3. Letter to Senator Vincent in Response to Letter from Mr. Richard Simms
  4. Flathead System Compact Water and Hungry Horse FAQs
  5. Irrigator FAQs
  6. Local County Government FAQs
  7. Non-Indian Reservation Resident FAQs
  8. Legislator FAQs
  9. Constitutional FAQs
  10. Constitutional Memo
  11. Understanding Abstracts for Statements of Claim in Montana
  12. Cover Letter from Colleen Coyle, Director, Water Services, Ponderosa Advisors LLC
  13. Article: Process and Implications of Adjudication through Litigation of CSKT Reserved Water Right Claims vs. Legislative Approval of a Compact
  14. DNRC and CSKT Water Compact and Appendices
  15. Key Terms in Montana Water Rights

Water Policy Interim Committee Documents

This is not a comprehensive list of documents submitted to the WPIC, but represents the Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission’s responses to committee requests and the documents produced by the Committee and its Technical Working Group during the 2013–2015 biennium.

Memo from Compact Commission to Chairman Chas Vincent – December 16, 2013

Memo from Compact Commission to WPIC – March 3, 2014

Memo from Helen Thigpen to WPIC in Response to Legal Questions Submitted by Representatives Balance And Regier – August 22, 2014

Report of Findings by Water Policy Interim Committee Technical Working Group – September 23, 2014

WPIC Recommendations to RWRCC – October 30, 2014

RWRCC Final Response to WPIC Recommendations – December 12, 2014

2014 Negotiation Materials

Water Compact Report – Released December 2013

Tribal Chairman Trahan/Negotiaion Letter – March 2014

Governor Bullock/Negotiation Letter – April 2014

State Proposal and Cover Letter – June 2014

State Technical Evaluation of the FIIP Water Use Agreement – August 2014

CSKT Adaptive Management Proposal – September 2014

RWRCC Final Response to WPIC Recommendations – December 2014

2013 Documents

Summary – Compact

Summary – Ordinance

Federal Letter in Support of Key Points – December 2013

Compact Comments

Comment Solicitation Letter

CSKT Compact – "Boiled Down"

CSKT Instream Flows – June 2013

BIA Instream Flows – May 2013

NEPA and Compact Settlements

RWRCC Response to Vandemoer Comments

2008-2013 Negotiation Documents

CSKT-Montana Compact vs. CSKT Claims

CSKT-Montana Compact vs. CSKT Claims.JPG
CSKT Story Map

The Story of Montana's Reserved Water Right Compacts

RWRCC Compacts Story Map.JPG
Compact Story Map