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Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

The proposed CSKT-Montana Compact is the result of more than a decade of negotiations to resolve the Tribes claims to reserved rights within the State. The 2013 Legislature did not ratify a prior version of the Compact. Following a request for a limited reopening of negotiations by Governor Bullock in early 2014, the State and Tribes negotiated key provisions relating to irrigation use and instream flows on the Reservation and incorporated recommendations from the Montana Water Policy Interim Committee following two years of review.

On December 10, 2014, the negotiating parties reached an agreement that fulfills the State’s legal obligation to recognize the CSKT’s reserved rights and simultaneously provides protection for existing uses on and off the Reservation. The Compact will make new water available for commercial and irrigation use, end the water administration void on the Flathead Reservation, allow for economic development under conditions of legal certainty on and off the Reservation, and facilitate the completion of the statewide general stream adjudication. In addition, the Compact would establish a technical team with irrigator representation to implement irrigation project upgrades to protect historic irrigation use and meet Tribal in-stream flow targets.

On January 12, 2015, the Montana Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission unanimously voted to forward the proposed CSKT Compact to the 2015 Legislature. Legislative information will be posted on this site as it becomes available.

January 2015 Revised Compact

SB 262 Bill Text

Proposed Compact Approved by RWRCC, January 12, 2015

Legislator Informational Materials

Summary of Water Rights Quantified by Compact-2015

Compact Summary

Off-Reservation Impact Analysis-2015

State Technical Evaluation of FIIP Water Use Agreement

State Response to Dutton’s 2015 Evaluation

2015 Appendices

Appendix 1 (Hydrologic Basin Maps)
Appendix 2 (FIIP Influence Area Map)
Appendix 3.1 (MEFs, TIFs, Minimum Reservoir Pool Elevations)
Appendix 3.2 (River Diversion Allowances)
Appendix 3.3 (Historic Farm Deliveries)
Appendix 3.4 (Implementation Schedule)
Appendix 3.5 (Adaptive Management and CITT)
Appendix 3.6 (Rehabilitation and Betterment)
Appendix 3.7 (Determination of Wet, Normal and Dry Years)
Appendix 4 (Proposed Law of Administration/Ordinance)
Appendix 5 (FIIP Abstracts in 76L and 76LJ and Maps)
Appendix 6 (Map of Non-FIIP Historic Irrigated Acres Lands Eligible for Registration)
Appendix 7 (Bureau of Reclamation Modeling Report
Appendix 8 (State Biological Constraints Evaluation)
Appendix 9 (Flathead System Compact Water Abstract and Map)
Appendix 10 (Natural Node Instream Flow Abstracts and Maps)
Appendix 11 (FIIP Instream Flow Nodes Abstracts and Maps)
Appendix 12 (Other Instream Flow Abstracts and Maps)
Appendix 13 (Interim Instream Flows and Interim Reservoir Pool Elevations
Appendix 14 (Interim Instream Flow Protocols)
Appendix 15 (FIIP Reservoir Minimum Pool Abstracts and Maps)
Appendix 16 (Wetlands Abstracts and Maps)
Appendix 17 (High Mountain Lakes Abstracts and Maps)
Appendix 18 (Flathead Lake Abstract and Map)
Appendix 19 (Boulder Creek Hydroelectric Project Abstract and Map)
Appendix 20 (Hellroaring Hydroelectric Project Abstract and Map)
Appendix 21 (MTFWP Wetlands Abstracts and Maps)
Appendix 22 (MTFWP Claim Number 76L 153988-00 to be Co-Owned by Tribes)
Appendix 23 (USFWS Wetland Abstracts and Maps)
Appendix 24 (USFWS Claims to be Co-Owned by Tribes)
Appendix 25 (Kootenai Mainstem Instream Flow Right Abstract)
Appendix 26 (Swan Mainstem Instream Flow Right Abstract)
Appendix 27 (Lower Clark Fork Mainstem Instream Flow Right Abstract)
Appendix 28 (MTFWP Claims to be Decreed as Part of the Compact)
Appendix 29 (MTFWP Claims Not to be Decreed as Part of the Compact)
Appendix 30 (Former Milltown Dam Instream Flow Abstracts)
Appendix 31 (Former Milltown Dam Instream Flow Enforceable Level Technical Document)
Appendix 32 (2004 DNRC-MTFWP Painted Rocks Contract)
Appendix 33 (1958 Painted Rocks Contract Including Amendment)
Appendix 34 (1992 MTFWP-BOR Lake Como Contract)
Appendix 35 (Placid Creek Instream Flow Right Abstract and Map)
Appendix 36 (Kootenai River Tributary Instream Flow Abstracts)
Appendix 37 (Flathead Reservation Unitary Water Management Board Forms)
Appendix 38 (Flathead Proposed Preliminary Decree)

2013 Compact Documents

2008-2012 Negotiation Documents

Hungry Horse Reservoir

Below are links to a cover letter and a report detailing the State's response to the Tribes' proposal for access to up to 90KAF of releases from Hungry Horse Reservoir as a component of a comprehensive water rights settlement. Below is also a link to the Bureau of Reclamation's report modeling the possible effects of the Tribes' proposal.