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L.L. White

L.L. WhiteForestry Pioneer

He was born in 1881 on a farm outside Oskaloosa Iowa. He received his education in a country school and his high school education at the Preparatory Department of Penn College at Oskaloosa. He then attended Penn College and Cornell University in Ithaca New York for a short time in 1903. He received a Masters Degree in Forestry from Yale in 1906. He worked for the U.S. Forest Service for about five years, primarily at the nursery in Halsey Nebraska. He joined the Lumber Department of the Anaconda Company in 1921 as a timber cruiser.

He married Hilda Rittue in 1908 and they had two children. The State Board of Forestry passed a resolution commending him as Assistant State Forester, for his years of "wise, efficient, and loyal service" which was signed by Governor J. Hugo Aronson as Chairman. He died at the age of 75 in December 1956. The presiding minister at L.L. White's funeral commented that he must have been a "man among men." Although the room was crowded, only a few women were in attendance.

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