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W.C. Lubrecht

Forestry Pioneer

LubrechtWC.jpgW.C. Lubrecht succeeded Kenneth Ross as general manager of the Bonner operation for the Anaconda Company in 1925. He had worked at the mill since 1896, and served for over 40 years.

In 1937, the School of Forestry received a donation of 19,058 acres of land from the Anaconda Company.  The land was to be used as a research station and permanent location for the student camp.  An additional 1,212 acres adjacent to the Anaconda Company land was donated by the Northern Pacific Railroad a year later.  The combined donation was the work of School of Forestry Dean T.C. Spaulding and Anaconda Company Superintendent of Lumberman W.C. Lubrecht.  The camp was named in honor of Lubrecht and today it is called the “Lubrecht Experimental Forest”.  As part of the transfer, WC Lubrecht stated:  “In addition to sound values from this property, in the future the School of Forestry will have an extensive area of diversified forest lands for practical study, experimentation and development, all of which should prove of future interest to the lumber industry and the State of Montana, particularly that section located west of the Continental Divide.”

According to newspaper reports at the time, the gift provided the school with “the most extensive holdings of any such school in the United States and compares favorably with the largest of such areas in the world.” The article continues, “In the United States only Yale University’s holdings can be compared with Montana’s as a result of the gift.” The deed interestingly spells out the advantages of the gift, not only to the School of Forestry, but also to the Anaconda Company.  The Company clearly envisioned benefiting from the information collected in research done on the Forest and it also retained the mineral rights.  In addition, it retained the right of first refusal to buy the timber offered at fair market value, a right passed on to its successors and assigns.

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