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Craig Roberts

Craig RobertsForestry Pioneer

Craig's formal forestry educaton began at Paul Smiths 'College where he received a degree in Forestry. He then went to the University of Montana earning a B.S. in Forest Management in 1965. He spent the summer after graduation working in Kalispell as a timber management forester and by October he moved into a Cooperative Forest Management Forester position in Kalispell. In June, 1966 he transferred to Missoula and continued working in the Cooperative Forest Management Program, then moved to Plains to open an office in the newly constructed USDA Building. He paneled the basement of the USDA Building with larch paneling provided by the Office of State Forester in exchange for the first years rent. In 1968 he transferred to Hamilton to fill the RC&D Forester position and the following year moved to Helena as the Cooperative Forest anagement Forester working with all counties east of the Continental Divide.

In December 1970 he was transferred to Lewistown to open an office out of his home, which eventually became the headquarters of the Northeastern Land Office. Craig began as the Area Forester and retired as the Area Manager in December 2001 after over 36 years of employment.

In 1996 Craig traveled to Valley City, North Dakota and acquired over 400,000 brown-legged spurge flea beetles (Aphthona lacertose) from North Dakota State University and released the beetles on numerous sites throughout central and northeastern Montana. Some release sites developed into extraordinary insectaries from which millions of beetles have been collected and distributed throughout the sttae of Montana. This was the beginning of an alliance by many natural resource agencies working together to control leafy spurge in Montana.

Craig has kept busy in retirement serving several community organizations and state committees. Craig and his wife, Cathy, have two children, both graduates of the University of Montana Forestry School and both working in natural resource fields.

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