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Pyramid Mountain Lumber

Pyramid Mountain Lumber, Early 1950's
Forestry Pioneer

The J&M Lumber Company, which later became Pyramid Mountain Lumber Company Inc, has been in continuous operation since 1949. Originally founded by Oscar Mood and Fred Johnson, it is the oldest surviving family owned and operated lumber mill in Montana. For the last 56 years, Roger Johnson and the Johnson family have been part of the navigation team. Charlie Parke family has been involved in Pyramid since 2000.

Since its small beginnings in 1949, Pyramid Mountain Lumber Inc has grown to become the largest employer in the Seeley Lake area. Conquering obstacles has always been a part of the timber business. Pyramid has provided steady employment for local residents in a region where seasonal, part-time

employment is often the norm. According to Roger Johnson, son of founder Fred Johnson, the people are what have made Pyramid a success. “I think that Oscar Mood and Fred found two main ingredients to success here in Seeley Lake. They found some of the finest resources in America, along with the finest work force. The people have meant everything to the success of this business.”

Dr. Perry Brown, Dean of the School of Forestry at the University of Montana, summarizes the heart and soul of Pyramid Mountain Lumber: “Pyramid is a progressive company interested in long-term sustainability of the land and its stewardship.” As the company continues to maintain its respected position in the timber industry, all eyes are on the future as the owners and staff work with landowners, loggers, policy-makers, and other leaders to create active management plans to develop healthy forests.

Pyramid Mountain Lumber, Log Truck

Pyramid Mountain Lumber ensures healthy forests through its commitment to light-on-the-land harvesting methods. While the proper use of technology and engineering is heralded, it is truly the logging professionals, talented sawyers and equipment operators well-trained in stewardship principles who set the foundation for the future. Their abilities include expertise in identifying forest health concerns, streamside management zones, and Best Management Practices.

Partnerships are the lifeblood of Pyramid. Whether it is leading timber organizations or collaborating with conservation groups, Pyramid is proud of the role is has played in Montana’s timber landscape. Building such partnerships are vital to forest health while also providing the resources necessary to meet the future timber needs of the American people.

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