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Dave Poncin

Dave PoncinForestry Pioneer

Dave Poncin began life on a small farm in the Midwest.  Upon graduating from high school, he came West to work in the mountains.  In the fall of 1955, he enrolled at the University of Montana School of Forestry, and graduated in 1960.  Working his way through college, Dave spent his summers working in the woods: working as a lookout, smokejumper, timber cruiser and forester. He worked for the Forest Service in Montana and Idaho for 39 years, working on Incident Management Teams throughout that time, rising to the position of Type 1 Incident commander.

In 1997, Dave retired as Fire Staff on the Clearwater/Nez Perce National Forest.  He has since done consulting in emergency management, preparedness and FEMA cost recovery. 

In learning of his selection as a Forestry Pioneer, Dave expressed gratitude, but humbly added, "We (he and wife Emily) feel perhaps our greatest contribution to the State is our two sons, both of whom have worked for the DNRC."

Dave's son, Greg, is the Area Operations Manager for DNRC's Northwestern Land Office and Incident Commander of one of the Type 1 Incident Management Teams in the Northern Rockies.

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