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George Neff

George NeffForestry Pioneer

The name George Neff appears again and again as a tireless supporter of good forestry practices in Montana. He first worked for the U.S. Forest Service in 1930 and graduated in Montana with the degree in Forestry in 1938. 

He was a foreman with the CCC and went to work for the Anaconda company as a timber cruiser and logging engineer in 1942. Through the years he worked his way up to Production Manager of Anaconda Forest Products and upon retirement was the Montana Lumber Operations Manager for Anaconda Company's successor, Champion International.

George served for many years on the State Board of Forestry as a trustee of The Western Forestry and Conservation Association, as a director of the NMFA, as a director and President of the BFPA, as a director of the Western Pine Association, and as a director of the National Forest Products Association.

In retirement he continues an active role in many of these organizations, in particular the NMFA, where he has been a strong supporter of Forestry School scholarships. Although he never worked directly for the State of Montana, State Forestry today owes much of its viability and effectiveness to George Neff.

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