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Andy Lukes

Andy LukesForestry Pioneer

In 1965 Andy graduated from the University of Montana with a B.S. in Forest Management and then went on to receive a Masters degree in Silviculture. He was the CFM forester for Missoula, Mineral, Granite and Powell counties from 1970-1972. He was promoted to the Montana State Forestry Land Management Bureau and was named Division Environmental Coordinator, where he developed the Division's procedures to implement MEPA. Andy prepared eleven Draft and Final environmental statements that allowed the Division to implement its on the ground management programs.

Career highlights with State Forestry included staff work on Gary Moon's formal response on the Bolle Report, Secretary of the Governor's Forestry Practices Advisory committee, preparation of Forest Practice rules for Montana, member of the Governor's Natural Area Committee, and the opportunity to participate in aggressive fire control actions to support the Division.

In 1977 Andy accepted a job with Champion International as Planning manager for the Rocky Mountains Timberlands retiring from Stimson Lumber Company in 2005. He enjoys an active retirement with travel, finishing a lake home and helping his two sons with their building activities.

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