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Jim Gragg

Jim GraggForestry Pioneer

James attended the University of Southern California for one year and Oceanside-Carlsbad Junior College for one year, but finally found his calling at the University of Montana School of Forestry. While a student there he served as head of the Decorations Coommittee for the "Foresters Ball," joined the SAF, and earned a B.S. in Forest Engineering in 1959. During school he worked part-time at the State Forest Tree Nursery and the State Forester's Office. In the summer of 1957 James toiled as the Stillwater State Forest Headquarters Guard and in the summer of 1958 he and Gary Brown worked with the State Forest Inventory program.

Jim's first and only permanent employment began with the State Forester's Office in 1959. The first position was as a forester on the Stillwater State Forest. Later he became the Swan District Forester, the Kalispell Service Forester, the Anaconda District Forester, the Kalispell District Forester, the Northwest Area Forester and lastly as the Area Manager of the Northwestern Land Office.

In 1992 he retired to his home in Kalispell. His son Ken helped him build a nice woodworking shop, where he's made many things for many people. His wife, Marilee, retired from Obstetric Nursing in 2000 and they've been "just kicking back" ever since. They have six children, nine living grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

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