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Joe Gasvoda

Joe GasvodaForestry Pioneer

Joe had several years experience working for the USFS on Forest Management Projects. He also worked for 26 years as a volunteer and paid fireman (six years as the fire chief) of the Missoula Rural Fire District. He has a B.S. in Forestry from the University of Montana.

While with Montana State Forestry he was the Supervisor of the Development and Support Section. In this capacity, he worked with six full time mechanics, two warehouse men, and one full time truck driver. The work involved designing and building wildland firefighting equipment, procuring and purchasing using excess military supplies and equipment. The fire equipment developed under Joe's supervision was and continues to be used by the state and county fire agencies for wildland fire suppression. Joe worked for DNRC for 23 years before retiring and another 7 years during fire seasons.

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