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Chuck Wright

Forestry Pioneer

Charles Everett "Chuck" Wright, after two years in the Army and four years at the Montana School of Forestry, joined State Forestry in 1959 at the Swan Unit as an Assistant Forest Supervisor to Virgil Weaver. From there he was transferred to Bozeman as a Cooperative Forest Management Forester, from there to Thompson Falls as a Cooperative Forest Management Forester, and from there to Missoula as a Cooperative Forest Management Forester.

By that time he knew enough to be named Cooperative Forest Management Bureau Chief, which included supervising the nursery and the shelterbelt tours. After a steady diet of Cooperative Forest Management work Chuck transferred to Utilization and Marketing and was sent to a special school on the subject held in Wisconsin. 

From there he was made Cooperative Forest Management Supervisor, then District Forester, and then Southwest Area Land Manager before retiring.    


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