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Brian Long

Brian LongForestry Pioneer

Brian graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management, with a minor in Forest Products.

Initially, Brian worked for the USFS Intermountain Research Center doing forest inventory work in South Dakota, as well as for the USFS Intermountain Experiment Station, Forest Inventory and Analysis Work Unit in Ogden Utah. When Montana embarked on a cooperative state/federal forest inventory in the 1970’s, the Intermountain Research Station recommended Brian to oversee this operation. Brian worked for Montana DNRC from 1975 to 2014. 

Brian played a dominant role in the development and implementation of the Montana state forest land inventory system, timer cruising programs and procedures, as well as the development of the State Forest Land Management Plan and the calculation of the annual sustained yield from forested state trust lands. 

During his tenure, re-inventory efforts provided valuable information on growth responses to timber harvest as well as a statistical basis for estimating timber growth and yield. Brian initiated studies of wildfire mortality that have provided practical direction for foresters regarding the probability of tree survival from various fire intensities. This information has helped foresters better assess and prescribe treatments for timber salvage operations. These studies have also provided valuable information regarding the progression of recovery following fires including: susceptibility of weakened trees to insect mortality, the development and persistence of snags, and natural regeneration vegetative regrowth over time.

Brian’s work has been foundational to DNRC’s current and ongoing statewide forest management program. Foresters today utilize the data and methods developed early on, and with the improvements of technology, advance those methods with sound and fundamental practices to provide for a sustained income for the school trusts while maintaining healthy and well-managed stands of timber for the future. 

Today, he is a forest consultant for BDL Forestry LLC.  He and his wife Shirley have two children, Kari and Kurt.

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